January 2022 COVID-19 Workplace Safety Demands

City of Houston Mayor and City Council Members

As HOPE Executive Board members, we're City Employees just like you. We're in the same workplaces, doing the same work, and, most importantly, taking the same risk as you. We've heard from many City Employees the same concerns we've seen with our own eyes, and that's the real problems that these latest COVID-19 variants have caused for us.

As the number of positive tests grows, it's painfully clear that City Leadership should work with us to take much needed steps for the safety of us and our families. The work we do is vitally important to everyone in Houston, and we should be recognized for the risk we're taking every day to keep the city running.

We are calling for the following protocols to be implemented by the City of Houston:

  • Provide free COVID testing for all municipal employees and make testing sites available at major city workplaces for employees such as 3-1-1, Houston Emergency Center, 611 Walker, Houston Permitting Center, and 1200 Travis.

  • Continue to require and enforce the directive that masks be worn by all city employees regardless of vaccination status while on city property or while conducting city business.

  • Re-institute the previous order to allow for remote work for all municipal employees that can be accommodated until further notice.

  • Work with HOPE leadership to develop and implement a universal “Emergency Status” system to ease confusion and ensure clarity in the most challenging moments across our many Departments.

  • Direct the Human Resources Department to partner with HOPE leadership to educate municipal employees that if employees test positive for COVID they are automatically eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

  • Minimize possible exposure at communicable worksites (such as HEC) by assigning personal work stations and regularly disinfecting workstation desks, consoles, and any other surfaces where the virus can live.

Look, it's clear that City Leadership hasn't turned to us for solutions, but it shouldn't be that way. We're experienced professionals and our concerns should count. The ONLY WAY we'll get our voice heard is if we speak loudly enough that we can't be ignored. Stand with us and sign the petition today!

In Solidarity,
The HOPE Executive Board.

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Even with thoughtful precautions taken by the Mayor’s administration, several variants of Covid-19 are still spreading widely. As the Mayor recently reported: over 852 city employees tested positive for Covid-19. None of us believe going to work to serve the citizens of Houston should mean putting ourselves and our loved ones in danger.

Therefore, we are calling on City Leadership to take additional action to protect our workforce so that we can do our jobs for the Houston community.

Our HOPE Leadership submitted a letter to Human Resources detailing several protocols that we support and should be implemented by the City of Houston immediately.

We look forward to working with Human Resources or the Mayor’s designee on these important issues.