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COVID cost our country millions of jobs, and many of those jobs aren’t coming back. At the same time, climate change is an ever-increasing threat. Why not give people good-paying jobs building the energy infrastructure of the future and providing the care work needed to keep society running?

Out of the Great Depression came an unprecedented economic boom through massive investments into public infrastructure, lifting millions of families out of poverty and creating the largest middle-class in American history. We can do that again, right now, by putting America to work through the THRIVE Act.

THRIVE stands for Transform, Heal, and Renew by Investing in a Vibrant Economy. Its an economic recovery and infrastructure package of $1 trillion per year over the next decade to rebuild crumbling infrastructure, transition to a 100% renewable energy system, and to establish a care network that enables nation-wide mobilization towards these critical projects.

If passed, the THRIVE Act would:

  • Create over 15 million safe, family-sustaining jobs from manufacturing to childcare
  • Advance worker rights to organize by including the PRO Act (Protecting the Right to Organize)
  • Put 50% of investments into communities on the frontlines of systemic racism, the climate crisis, and economic insecurity.

The Biden Admin's current plan is five times too small to bring emissions down to safe levels. With the severity of the crises we face, we cannot risk letting this opportunity pass by without having secured what is needed to build a future that’s healthy and just for everyone.

Use this form to sign the petition and tell Iowa's Congressional Representatives that we need them to stand up for the THRIVE Act and our collective future!

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We are calling on you to step up and address the existential threats of climate chaos, racial injustice, and economic inequality by passing the THRIVE Act.

We need an economic recovery and infrastructure package of $10 trillion over the next decade to put 15 million people to work in good, union jobs, cut pollution in half by 2030, and ensure those on the frontlines of systemic racism, the climate crisis, and economic insecurity receive the most investments.

Iowans are stepping up to build a secure future for ours kids, grandkids, and ourselves. We have less than a decade to transition away from fossil fuels before we reach a point of no return. And we need you step up and take bold action with us!

Will you support the THRIVE Act?

Congress must pass a comprehensive economic recovery package addressing climate, care, jobs, and justice this year. Covid relief is not enough. Piecemeal, limited action is not enough. Investments must be big, on a scale of $1 trillion per year as the THRIVE Act proposes.

THRIVE is backed by over 100 members of Congress and hundreds of union, racial justice, climate, and other groups. Why haven’t you?

Respond back to Jake Grobe at ASAP to discuss this matter with us.


Members of Iowa CCI and your concerned constituents

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