Join the fight for Good Jobs Concord

Concord City Council

The Community Coalition for a Sustainable Concord rocked the Senior Center on Sept. 29, with more than 100 concerned residents turning out – despite the City’s cancellation of its special meeting to pick a developer for the 5,000 acre project.

We held our own meeting and answered residents’ questions about keeping Concord affordable for working families; creating good jobs for youth, veterans and residents; preserving open space; and creating walkable neighborhoods near transit.

Seth Adams of Save Mount Diablo, Matt Leber of East Bay Housing Organizations, Ty Hudson of UNITE HERE 2850, Jenny Lin from EBASE, and Roseanne Nieto and Katherine Dano Luttjohann of the Neighborhood Alliance helped facilitate the discussion.

Our Labor Council is gratified by this show of public support for the Coalition agenda, and committed to helping the City Council keep the promise of a world class development.


Petition by
Steve Older
Martinez, California

To: Concord City Council
From: [Your Name]

To: City of Concord, Mayor Tim Grayson

Subject: Good Jobs at CNWS

Concord and our future are too important to leave to chance. I urge you to support a community benefits agreement for the Concord Naval Weapons Station that preserves and creates open space, affordable homes and good jobs -- staying true to CNWS's role in Concord and the City's vision in the master plan.

The Naval Weapons Station has the potential to open a new and exciting chapter in Concord’s economic vitality and community resilience. As it becomes even harder to find affordable homes in the Bay Area, new development like the Naval Weapons Station provide a unique opportunity to maintain jobs-housing balance. Concord can ensure that future residents enjoy the City’s prosperity without having to commute distances, saving time, money and our environment.

A community benefits agreement, signed long before the master developer breaks ground, puts important commitments in writing so that Concord can make sure that re-use brings results.

The agreement should provide:
• A community workforce agreement, labor peace and respect for current bargaining units
• Affordable homes for families, seniors and veterans
• Environmental protections including open space, parks, wildlife, tree and habitat preservation
• Walkable neighborhoods with transit access for youth, seniors, and workers for quality of life and traffic reduction
• Safe clean-up of toxics

Prior City Council members looked at these issues and made it clear that Concord would expect nothing less than a world-class project that delivers results like open space, affordable homes, and middle class jobs. As the City Council makes this important decision, we’re hoping that leaders with vision and commitment to the community will get it right – and get it in writing.