Just say no to Alex Azar

All U.S. Senators

Donald Trump has nominated Alex Azar to replace Tom Price as secretary of the department Health and Human Services. Azar will come into government directly from Eli Lilly, one of the biggest pharmaceutical corporations, where he oversaw massive price hikes on lifesaving medication like insulin. If Alex Azar is confirmed, Big Pharma will be able to save its lobbying dollars. But I don’t think they’ll be passing the savings onto you…

Social Security Works is meeting with members of the Senate Finance Committee ahead of a confirmation hearing next week. We need your signature to show that the American people won’t stand for Big Pharma running HHSthe part of the government that should be working for the people.

To: All U.S. Senators
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We oppose the nomination of Alex Azar to be Secretary of Health and Human Services. A Big Pharma executive should not be put in charge of regulating Big Pharma. We demand a Secretary of Health and Human Services who will put the interests of the American people first!