Justice For Jayson: Fire Bridgeport Police Officer James Boulay, Fire Police Chief AJ Perez

Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim , Governer Ned Lamont


When police kill in Connecticut

The system protects them  

So it is our duty

To protect our youth

To protect our communities

From police terror

We demand that Bridgeport Officer James Boulay and Bridgeport Police Chief AJ Perez be removed from their positions immediately for the murder of Jayson Negron.

#FireBoulayNow #FireAJNow  #JusticeforJayson

James Boulay is a Danger to Our Community #FireBoulayNow

The fight for Jayson is not over. James Boulay didn’t face a single charge for killing Jayson. He took the life of a fifteen-year old and for that, he also continued to be paid and employed by the Bridgeport Police Department. Now James Boulay is back at work. Only the police can kill and continue in their lives, in their jobs, as if nothing happened.

Witnesses interviewed by the state police saw the officers running towards the teenagers’ car that day with their guns already drawn, yelling “get out of the fucking car or I’m gonna fucking shoot you.” As Boulay approached the boys, one witness described his manner as “extremely intense and authoritative. He was very aroused and had a menacing presence. He was confronting them with what appeared to me to be confidence in his ability…I did not see any two way conversations. I did not see talking.” Later, James Boulay “placed both hands on his weapon and very briefly paused in front of the driver’s door then shot into the car once…There was a pause and then three shots (possibly more) rang out one after the other. There was a very brief pause then the last two shots were fired.”

Within minutes of reaching the car, James Boulay fatally shot Jayson. He was so blinded by his anger, so unhinged by his feelings, that he pointed his gun into the car and, with authority and confidence, not fear, shot two defenseless teenagers.

Boulay is back working on the streets. endangering our communities and our loved ones, free to kill again. When police in Connecticut kill, they are exonerated by the legal system and police departments put them back in our communities. We won't let this happen again with James Boulay.

AJ Perez’s Reign of Terror in Bridgeport #FireAJNow

After Jayson’s murder, Bridgeport Police Chief AJ Perez lied repeatedly, attempting to hide what happened. In public statements, he claimed that Jayson was shot in the head and died immediately. A bystander video later showed that Jayson was very much alive and the officers knew it—Perez lied to protect them. After James Boulay shot Jayson, officers handcuffed the bleeding teenager and threw him facedown into the street on top of his wounds. He later died from these wounds, and his body was left in the street for over six hours. AJ Perez oversaw what happened, emboldening and protecting Jayson's murderers at every turn. His role in Jayson’s death and his indifference to the killing of a fifteen-year old and the brutality of his police force justify his immediate removal.

Like James Boulay, AJ Perez is a danger to Bridgeport. Under Perez, police in Bridgeport have become increasingly more brutal. Months after Jayson’s murder, a Bridgeport police officer was caught on camera violently assaulting another teenager. The Bridgeport Police Department is full of officers like her and Boulay who are ready to use violent and lethal force, confident that no one will hold them accountable. To receive more money from Trump’s Justice Department, AJ Perez also betrayed immigrant communities in Bridgeport, breaking an agreement to protect those who are undocumented from ICE. Together, AJ Perez and Mayor Joe Ganim,  have turned Bridgeport into the most police-terrorized city in Connecticut. Every day, black and brown communities in Bridgeport confront the oppression, violence, and surveillance of this brutal police force.

Connecticut Police are Killing Our Youth—And No One is Holding Them Accountable

Since 2004 Bridgeport police have murdered at least 8 people that we know of , they have not been held accountable and instead try to hide these atrocities from the public. We would like to raise and honor the names of the loved ones stolen from their families at the hands of the Bridgeport police.

Jonathan Mosely (2004)

Raylyn George (2005)

Jamar Marrow (2006)

Frederic Devon McAllister (2008)

Carnell Williams (2013)

Bryan Stukes (2013)

Jayson Negron (2017)

Corbin Cooper (2018)

In Bridgeport and across Connecticut, our legal system and our public officials do everything they can to protect the police—Connecticut police are never charged or prosecuted for killing. This record of impunity makes it clear: we are not a liberal state, we are a police state.

After Jayson’s murder, five New Britain police officers opened fire on another car full of youth of color, killing Zoe Dowdell, age 20 and charging Caleb Tisdol and Noah Young who survived , with false crimes. Since 2017, the number of people killed by Connecticut Police continues to grow.

Public officials like AJ Perez, Mayor Joe Ganim of Bridgeport, Chief State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo , and Governor Ned Lamont are as guilty as the officers executing our youth in the streets. Connecticut’s politicians and legal system are part of police terror, but their complicity has been hidden for a very long time. It's time to finally see them, the architects of this lethal system.

We Demand

1. Fire James Boulay

2. Fire AJ Perez

3. Fire all Bridgeport officers who have been involved in killing or beating immediately!

4. Defund police, Invest in community

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Email: justiceforjaysonn@gmail.com


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Mayor Ganim and Governor Lamont ,

I demand you fire officer James Boulay and Chief AJ Perez. The murder carried out by James Boulay and the blatant lies and corruption of AJ Perez are more than enough to call for the immediate termination of both their positions within the Bridgeport Police Department. I will not stay silent about the state sanctioned murders being carried out at the hands of the police. You have the power to fire them and you must take action towards Justice for Jayson and all other lives taken in Connecticut by police.