Act Now to Suspend the Title X Rule

The Biden Administration

Last week, the Biden administration issued an executive memo on reproductive health. Though we’re disappointed it didn’t immediately suspend the dangerous Title X ‘gag rule,’ it was a good first step to rectify the harm done to the Title X family planning program over the past four years. But it can’t stop there. The Biden administration needs to #MakeItRight and #FixTitleX now. Missouri and the nation cannot afford to wait any longer.

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President Biden:

The undersigned Missourians urge you to act now to repair the damage done to the Title X federal family planning program over the last four years.

We appreciate your stated support for sexual and reproductive health and rights in the United States, and the emphasis you placed on access to care; however, the longer the Title X rule is in effect, the more harm reproductive health and services will suffer – in Missouri and nationally. Directing the Department of Health and Human Services to review the rule is a great first step, but we respectfully ask you also ensure DHHS urgently does the following:

• Issues an Interim Final Rule that rescinds the Trump Rule and reinstates the regulations that governed the Title X program prior to 2019; and
• Reinforces the Title X program’s standards of quality and puts them back into alignment with U.S. clinical standards for family planning.

As your administration leads us out of the COVID-19 public health crisis, restoring the Title X network and once again ensuring Title X-funded providers offer the best possible care to their patients is essential. Title X providers – and more critically their patients – are disproportionately shouldering the burdens of the pandemic, while contending with the damage of this rule, which will continue without timely repair. It is critical the Biden-Harris administration act now to restore the Title X program and its community.