Save Kid Safe JFK

Mayor Breed and the Board of Supervisors

Everyone loves Kid Safe JFK. Act now to save it.

JFK in Golden Gate Park was previously one of the most dangerous streets in San Francisco.

Now, JFK is a pedestrian promenade enjoyed by all, especially kids! Injuries and collisions have been replaced by the kids laughter, bird songs, puppies, and literally butterflies.

Sign our petition to help save Kid Safe JFK.

If it’s safe for kids, it’s safe for everyone. Sign our petition now to help grow our movement.

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San Francisco, CA

To: Mayor Breed and the Board of Supervisors
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Now more than ever, San Francisco needs safe, inclusive, and joyous public spaces for everyone — especially kids.

I'm writing to make sure the people of San Francisco have your support in protecting Kid Safe JFK.

Can we count on you?