Keep Oregonians Housed!

Governor Kate Brown

Dear Governor Brown,

Over the course of this global pandemic, 300,000 Oregonians have lost our jobs because we complied with your mandate to stay home, protecting all Oregonians from the potential threat of a sweeping spread of the COVID-19 virus.
We thank you for taking a precautionary and bold stance, prioritizing our public safety needs over Oregon's economy.  

Unfortunately, as a result, thousands of us are now jobless and many of our services and other low paying industry jobs are not coming back. We are devastated.

Having lost our source of income, we've fallen behind in our rent during the months of April, May, and June. The June 30th Eviction Moratorium deadline is looming.  

Hundreds of thousands of us, jobless, low-middle income renters, were already financially struggling before the pandemic, paying over 30%-50% of our income for rent. Now, we have no foreseeable capacity to comply with the 6-month rent-payback deadline.

We are overwhelmed by the looming threat of eviction. We are terrified of the potential widespread health risks and life-threatening impact for our families, children, seniors, people of color, disabled communities, and other at-risk populations becoming homeless during this pandemic.
We need your help! This poses a serious and troubling public safety crisis for all Oregonians.  

We feel that allowing potentially hundreds of thousands of vulnerable renters to be evicted, and treated as collateral damage under the jurisdiction of our eviction courts while maintaining the real-estate-market status-quo, would not only be life-threatening, but also represent a gross social injustice and betrayal.  
We believe you sincerely want to protect the citizens of Oregon.

We do not want steady streams of homeless people, including children, daily pouring onto our city streets.  We want to end this tragic and shameful cycle of prioritizing property and capitalist investment over the safety and welfare of our very-low and low-middle income working-class citizens.

We Believe Oregon is Capable of BOLD SOLUTIONS.
Governor Brown, we did not cause this economic crisis. We sacrificed and followed your shelter in place mandate, to protect Oregon.  
Now, we are counting on OREGON to PROTECT US.
Governor, Will YOU Help US STAY HOUSED?

Petition by
Marih Alyn-Claire
Portland, Oregon

To: Governor Kate Brown
From: [Your Name]

We ask you to Keep Oregonians Housed by adopting our COVID Response Proposal.

1. Extend the Rent Eviction and Mortgage Payment Moratorium for at
least 1 year, or until people become financially stabilized and able to
afford housing.

2. Extend the Declaration of Emergency and freeze rent increases
statewide for at least 1 year or until our economy recovers.
Include back-payment requirements for all rent, mortgage, and utility debt
accrued up to this point and through the remainder of the emergency.

3. Extend unemployment benefits until people find stable, living-wage
jobs and initiate a state-wide Jobs Training Program, offering paid
training through corporate partnerships.

4. Provide emergency rent assistance in the forms of:
Direct cash payments, and rent vouchers, prioritizing very-low and
low-income renters
Cap the amount of rent payment for tenants at 30% of their income
per month for the duration of the pandemic with no back-payment
requirement. If no income, $0 payment.

5. Create special provisions for people who are ill and unable to work or
need to stay home to care for sick family members, providing housing
and other essential assistance.

6. Stop the Sweeps of people in homeless camps and provide
sanitation equipment and water until we can provide safe, affordable
alternative and permanent housing.

7. We request your participation in a virtual town hall. We need you
to meet and dialogue with us about these and other critical housing