Keep Purdue Public: Tell the HLC to Vote NO on Purdue-Kaplan Deal

Higher Learning Commission Board of Trustees

Join us in urging the Higher Learning Commission to vote NO in February.

Let's make it clear that Kaplan is no good for Purdue and Indiana.

Here's why:

The Purdue-Kaplan deal puts Kaplan shareholders over Purdue students.

  • Pays 12.5% of revenue to Kaplan after operating costs are met

  • Pays Kaplan an “efficiency payment” of 20% of any cuts in operating cost

The Purdue-Kaplan deal takes resources from a public university and gives them to a private corporation.

  • Gives tax revenues and Indiana's scholarship money, like the 21st Century Scholars Program, to a private corporation

  • Establishes a "public-benefit corporation" operated by and for the profit of Kaplan

The Purdue-Kaplan deal slashes job security, tenure, and shared governance.

  • Establishes conditions of at-will employment for 3,000 faculty and staff members

  • Provides no common geographic location for faculty face-to-face meetings

  • Eliminates shared governance, tenure, or oversight from faculty who are professionally qualified in relevant areas of expertise

  • Allows Kaplan to have its own institutional accreditation and maintain its own faculty and administrative operations

The Purdue-Kaplan deal undermines local campuses and Indiana communities.

  • Outsources and privatizes local public jobs

  • Weakens the ability of our public campuses to provide the quality education for which they are internationally recognized

The Purdue-Kaplan deal pushes the public into a contract with an unethical corporation.

  • Ignores that Kaplan pays workers some of the lowest wages in the for-profit education industry

  • Ignores that attorneys general in Illinois, Delaware, and North Carolina have launched investigations into Kaplan

  • Ignores that Kaplan has settled litigation in Massachusetts over allegations it misled students about job placement rates and in Texas over allegations that it employed unqualified instructors

Please join Indiana AAUP in telling the HLC to vote NO on the Purdue-Kaplan deal.

Learn more about the Indiana AAUP here:

To: Higher Learning Commission Board of Trustees
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Dear Higher Learning Commission Board of Trustees,

Please join me in supporting Purdue students and Indiana communities across the state. Vote NO on the Purdue-Kaplan deal this February.

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