Let NYC Rank!

New York City Charter Revision Commissioners


Why RCV? Ranked choice voting allows voters to express their preferences for a variety of candidates by ranking them from first to last choice. Learn more here.

Why now? New York City has a historic opportunity to change the way New Yorkers vote as the 2019 Charter Revision Commission considers substantive changes to the city’s charter.

To: New York City Charter Revision Commissioners
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As an advocate for a fair and more inclusive democracy, I’m pleased that our campaign finance system has improved our elections by encouraging more candidates to run, but I know there’s more work to be done.

That’s why I stand with Common Cause/NY as they advocate for a Ranked Choice Voting system where New York City voters are able to rank their top 5 choices for any primary or special election when more than two candidates are on the ballot.

The 2019 Charter Revision Commission must give New Yorkers a chance to approve Ranked Choice Voting, a desperately needed reform, on the November ballot.

With 2021 looming, when 70% of city councilmembers, every Borough President, the Comptroller and the Mayor will be term limited out of office- the time for reform is now.

We can, and must, do better.