Make Arkansas a Better Home for Renters - Enact Landlord-Tenant Reforms in 2021

Arkansas State Legislature

Arkansas is considered the worst state in the country for renters. Arkansas is the only state with a criminal eviction statute. There are no basic health and safety standards for rental properties in our state. A tenant may live in a home with mold and a leaky roof, but the tenant must still pay the rent and can't break the lease and move. This is wrong. We must change these statutes.

To: Arkansas State Legislature
From: [Your Name]

We call on our state legislators to:

Enact a strong implied warranty of habitability law with penalties for landlords who do not maintain their property. Give tenants the right to withhold rent or move if their properties do not meet basic health and safety standards.

Repeal the criminal eviction statute.

Reform the Unlawful Detainer eviction law to provide more due process for tenants facing evictions. Increase the time to answer a summons and end the requirement to pay rent into the registry of the court.

Limit the amount of late fees landlords can charge tenants.