A May Day Call to Action for Higher Education

The Higher Education Community in the United States

The following pledge is being circulated by students, staff, faculty, and administrators across the United States. In the face of a climate of increasing bigotry and violence, we call on the university community to engage in a moratorium on business as usual and take action in solidarity with the immigrant worker strike on May Day.

We face a moment of great uncertainty. Elements of the social safety net and basic rights provisions are being rescinded and amended more swiftly than they can be challenged through traditional legal and legislative interventions. Millions of immigrants live under daily threat of separation from their families and communities by intensified ICE raids.

Many of the attacks we face directly affect the university. The arts, humanities, and sciences face not only funding cuts but an assault on the concept of free inquiry itself. Climate change data is being removed from the public domain, university budgets are being held hostage by state governments and the threat of political retaliation by the federal government, white supremacists have been emboldened to commit hate crimes on our campuses, and basic facts have diminishing import in the national debate.

May Day 2017 will be a day of struggle against the Trump administration and the structural conditions under which it originated. A day in which workers across the country, waged and unwaged, will strike, march, rally, boycott, and make our voices heard against the sexism, racism, xenophobia, and homophobia of this administration and against the global system of production that makes it possible. This charge will be led by immigrant workers, hundreds of thousands of whom have already pledged to strike, with several hundreds of thousands more expected, in what could be one of the largest strikes in US history.

We call on the academic community to live up to the promise of higher learning by halting business as usual on May Day as an act of solidarity. While the nation’s workforce pauses to engage in a day of action, universities must pause as well; for staff, adjuncts and student workers on our campuses know well the severity of neoliberal policies and the precarization of work conditions, while students are already facing the terror of ICE raids.

We call on universities nationwide to engage in a moratorium on university operations this May Day so that students, staff, and faculty—domestic and international, documented and undocumented—can engage in a day of demonstrations and teach-ins in solidarity with A Day Without Immigrants. We call on university administrators and faculty to cancel classes, close offices, and postpone maintenance to demonstrate our solidarity with immigrant workers and our support for thoughtful strategies of resistance.

As administrators, we pledge to place a moratorium on all normal university operations to allow faculty, staff, and students to participate in this momentous day of civic engagement, with pay and without retaliation.

As faculty, we pledge to hold teach-ins or join our students participating in protests in lieu of regular coursework.

As staff, we pledge not to work and to afford our student workers the same opportunity.

As students, we pledge to attend teach-ins, demonstrations, and marches instead of classes.

And as members of the university community as a whole, we pledge to take action to defend all those who face retaliation for their participation in the moratorium and other May Day strike actions.

In solidarity,

(new signatures added daily)
Elisabeth Armstrong Smith College
Eman Abdelhadi New York University
Malek Abisaab McGill University
Quinn Abrams Brown University
Beverly Acha
Maria Acosta DePaul University
Laura Age The New School
Neel Ahuja UC Santa Cruz
Alan Aja Brooklyn College
Linda Martín Alcoff CUNY and International Women's Strike
Kristen Alfaro New York University
Alexander Altonji
Enid Alvarez Universidad de Puerto Rico
Sonia E. Alvarez University of Massachusetts Amherst
Jack Amariglio Merrimack College
Disrupt! America
Timothy Anderson New York University
Joel Neville Anderson "Visual and Cultural Studies, University of Rochester"
David Anderson
Saif Ansari
John Antush CUNY Grad Center
Gabriela Aponte
Emily Apter
John Archer
Anahita Ardavan
Amanda Armstrong University of Michigan and IWS
Kathleen Arnold
Sarah Arnold
Cinzia Arruzza The New School and IWS
Douglas Ashford
Uzma Aslam Khan Hampshire College
Beth Asper
Beth Asper
Colleen Asper Yale University and IWS
Luis Avilas UC Irvine
Stephanie Aviles Universidad del Turabo
Priscilla Aviles
William Aviles University of Nebraska at Kerney
jen ayres
Kiara Badillo Hampshire
George Baker UCLA
Etienne Balibar Columbia University
Lucas Ballestin The New School for Social Research
Camille Barbagallo Hobart & William Smith Colleges Geneva Women's Assembly
Banu Bargu New School for Social Research
Frances Barnard
Vicky Barrios York College Cosecha NYC
Erin Barta
Crystal Bartolovich Syracuse University
Itay Barylka
Andy Battle CUNY
Jean Beaman Purdue University
Amanda Beech CalArts
Joel Beinin Stanford University
Luis Beltran Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Rio Piedras/ University of Connecticut at Storrs
Lourdes Beneria Cornell University
Carollee Bengelsdorf hampshire college
Seyla Benhabib Yale University
Laura Benitez "University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus"
Daniel Benson New York University
Mark Berardi John Carroll University
H. Grace Bergland UC Davis English Department
Leonard Berkman Smith College
Rafael Bernabe University of Puerto Rico
Claudie Bernard New York University
Jay M Bernstein New School for Social Research
Anna Betbeze Yale University
Meg Beyer The New School
Tithi Bhattacharya Purdue University and IWS
Siarhei Biareishyk New York University
Brenda Biddle Queens College CUNY
Greg Bird Wilfrid Laurier University
Matthew Block "Graduate Center and Hunter College, CUNY"
Andrea Blum
Omri Boehm New School for Social Research
Ashley Bohrer Hamilton College and IWS
Yve-Alain Bois Institute for Advanced Study
Kevin Bone
Edna Bonhomme Princeton University
Chiara Bottici New School for Social Research
Terri Bourus Indiana University Indianapolis
Samantha Bowden Rutgers University
Caroline Bowman New York University
Thai Boyd Agnes Scott College
Joshua Boydstun University of Rochester
Daniel Bozhkov Hunter College, CUNY  
Lorna Bracewell University of Nebraska at Kerney
Chris Brandt Fordham Univ.
Karen Bray Wesleyan College
Anna Brecke
Tim Brennan University of Minnesota
Robert Brenner UCLA
Caroline Lemak Brickman UC Berkeley
Natalia Brizuela UC Berkeley
Diane Brown Cornell University
Anna Brown
Victoria Brown
Sage Bruce
Mckinley Bruckner Organizer with SQE Statewide
Kriti Budhiraja University of Minnesota
Katarina Burin Harvard University
Adam Bush College Unbound
Ximena Bustamante CUNY and IWS
Judith Butler UC Berkeley
Tahir Butt CUNY Grad Center
Matthew Byrne University of Puget Sound
Maria C 1981
Jose Camacho
Jordan T. Camp Brown University
Janet Campbell
Alex Campolo New York University
Polly Cancro Pratt Institute
Ginette E. B. Candelario Smith College
Aaron Carico Brooklyn
Antonio Carmona Báez University of Puerto Rico
Chris Carpenter CUNY
Claudia Carrera New York University and GSOC-UAW 2110
Sherrie Carroll
Jennifer Case
Conall Cash Cornell University
Michael Castrovilla
Stacia Cedillo UT Austin
Margaret Cerullo Hampshire College
Maricela Cervantes Cal State LA
Paula Chakravartty NYU
Benoit Challand The New School
Bill Chambers American Islamic College
Rachel Chapman "The Graduate Center, City University of New York" Urban Education Student Association
Rachael Chase UMass Amherst
Kaitlin Chase University of Vermont
Ajay Singh Chaudhary Brooklyn Institute for Social Research
Bhumika Chauhan
Raj Chetty St. John's University
Sheetal Chhabria Connecticut College
Jonathan Christiansen Binghamton University
Samantha Christiansen
John Christman Penn State University
Kandice Chuh CUNY/the graduate center
Michael Chwe
George Ciccariello-Maher Drexel
John Clegg
Charles Clements Boston College
Christen Clifford The New School
Cayla Clinkenbeard The New School May Day Moratorium Organizers
Dana Cloud Syracuse University
Sharyn Clough Oregon State University
Joshua Clover UC Davis
Gus Cochran Agnes Scott College
Susanna Coffey School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Jeremy Cohan New York University
David Connor California Institute of the Arts
Audrey Cooper Gallaudet University
David Copenhafer Bard Early College
Rebekah Cordova University of Florida (UF)
Kency Cornejo University of New Mexico
Drucilla Cornell Rutgers University
Jorge Coronado Northwestern University
Santiago Corredor The Cooper Union
Marty Correia
Mayra Cotta New School for Social Research
Ronald Cox Florida International University
Tatiana Cozzarelli CUNY GC
Alice Crary New School for Social Research
Altha Cravey University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Robert Cremins The New school
Simon Critchley New School for Social Research
Elyse Crystall University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sarah D'Adamo McMaster University
Ziad Dallal
Dante Dallavalle
Daniel Daneri
Naomi Darling Hampshire College
Sejuti Das Gupta
Arlene Davila NYU
Juan C. Davila UC Santa Cruz
Rochelle Davis Georgetown University
Erik Davis Macalester College
Paulina Davis  
Ronald Day
Sheila Levrant de Bretteville
Peggy Deamer
Elizabeth Dean UT Austin
Jodi Dean Hobart and William Smith College
Siddhartha Deb The New School
Vincent DeCesare CUNY - Hunter College
Ivonne del Valle
Moises Delgado City University of New YOrk
TJ Demos UC Santa Cruz
Kelly Dennis  
Doreen Densky New York University
Alexis Dianda The New School and IWS
Claudia Diaz University of Puerto Rico
Stephen Dillon Hampshire College
Ashley “Woody” Doane University of Hartford
Susana Domingo Amestoy
Brian Dorman
Jordan Dorsey Syracuse University
LeiLani Dowell City University of New York Graduate Center
Susana Draper Princeton University and IWS
Jesse Drew UC Davis
Lisa Dring CalArts
Mark Driscoll University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Mark Drury CUNY
Kevin Duarte The New School NYSYLC
Lisa Duggan New York University
Maria Dumlao Bucks County Community College
Lisabeth During Pratt Institute
Alexander Dwinell Hunter College
Casey Edwards
Ken Ehrlich UC Riverside
Kate Eichhorn The New School
Alexandria Eisenbarth
Zillah Eisenstein Ithaca College and IWS
Carolyn Elerding Ohio State University
Jessica Elkayam DePaul University
Marianna Eilenberg
Molly Embree Agnes Scott College
Kathy Engel New York University
Susan Englander
Richard Epstein
Anne Erde University of Massachusetts/Boston
Arturo Escobar University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Keith Michael Estrada Franciscan University of Steubenville
Fred Evans Duquesne University
Christina Falceto The New School
Samuel Farber CUNY
Abou Farman New School for Social Research
Laurel Farrin University of Iowa
Josh Fattal
Aristo Fatwan New York University
Liza Featherstone Brooklyn College
Alan Feigenberg CCNY at CUNY
Rochelle Feinstein Yale University
Ruth Felder University at Albany
Juan Ferre CUNY
Beth Ferri Syracuse University
Tamara Figueroa
Erik M. Fink Elon Law School
Marcela Florido Yale University
Kevin Floyd Kent State University
Amy Foerster Pace University
Erika Fontanez-Torres University Of Puerto Rico
Ana M. Fores Tamayo
Erik Forman CUNY/SUNY
Valerie Forman New York University
Erik Forman CUNY/SUNY
Noah Foster Hampshire College
Hal Foster Princeton University
Frances Fox Piven CUNY
Anne-Lise Francois UC Berkeley
Carole Crowe Frank
Nancy Fraser New School for Social Research and IWS
Elaine Freedgood New York University
Andrew Freiband Rhode Island School of Design
Eli Friedman Cornell University
Charles Fruehling Springwood Illinois Wesleyan University
Charlotte Fryar University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Coco Fusco University of Florida
Ra'ees Gafoor
Juliana Gagne
Olivia Gagnon New York University
Christine Gailey "Univ. California, Riverside"
Sophia Garcia The New School
Juan Garcia-Ellin Universidad de Puerto Rico en Ponce
Ellis Garey New York University
Erik Garrett Duquesne University
Matthew Garrett Wesleyan University
Donna Gary NYU
Ilya Geller "Hunter College, CUNY
Charles Gelman New York University
Elif Genc New school
Christina Gerhardt University of Hawai'i at Mnoa
Sarah Gilbert Pitzer College
Page Gleason, Hampshire College
Jeremy Glick Hunter College
Eric Godoy Pratt Institute
Ena M Gojak
suzanne goldenberg hunter college
Guile Gomez UCLA
Daniel Gonzalez University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Jeff Goodwin New York University
Sumanth Gopinath
Andrew Gorin NYU GSOC
Alexander Gorman Duquesne University
Deborah Gould UC Santa Cruz
Michael A. Gould-Wartofsky New York University
Stefanie Goyette New York University
Lorraine Grad
Kate Doyle Griffiths CUNY and IWS
Andrej Grubacic California Institute of Integral Studies
Melissa Gruver Purdue University
Lisa Guenther Vanderbilt
John Gulick "Brooklyn College, NYC College of Technology"
John Halle Bard College
Miranda Cady Hallett University of Dayton
Jesse Halvorsen University of California - Santa Barbara
Josephine Halvorson
Jennifer Hamilton Hampshire College
Sifiya Hancock
Isaac Hand NYU
Marc Handelman Rutgers University
Donna Haraway UC Santa Cruz
Michele Hardesty Hampshire College
Christine Harrington New York University
Christine Harrington NYU
William Hart Macalester College
David Harvey CUNY
David Harvie University of Leicester, UK
Orlando Hawkins The New School
Caroline Heafey
Christina Heatherton Trinity College
Justin Helepololei University of Massachusetts Amherst
Andreas Fabián Henao Castro
Miles Hentrup FGCU
Martha Hernandez
Carla Hernandez
Ivette Hernandez-Torres UC Irvine
Amanda Hickok Union County College
Brendan Hogan
Ann Holder Pratt Institute
Maia Holloway
Nancy Holmstrom "Rutgers University, Emerita"
Chris Howell Oberlin College
Eric Hoyt University of Massachusetts Amherst Economics Department
Stephanie Hsu Pace University
Marie-Christine Hyland New York University
Shannon Ikebe UC Berkeley
Kendra Ing The New School
Hemispheric Institute New York University Hemispheric Institute
Rose Iron "Cal State University, Los Angeles"
Christopher Isett University of Minnesota
Yolanda Izquierdo University of Puerto Rico
Aaron Jaffe Juilliard and IWS
Aaron Jakes New School for Social Research
Joy James Williams College
Pranav Jani Ohio State University
Hassam Jawaid
Leslie Jenkins
Rachelle Jereza
Erica Johnson
Donna V. Jones UC Berkeley
Branden W. Joseph Columbia University
Svetlana Jovic Pratt Institute
Jameelah Julien Agnes Scott College
AJ Julius UCLA
Joscelyn Jurich Columbia University
Andrea Kahn Columbia University
Kristina Kalolo
Maro Kakoussian
Clare Kambhu Yale
Eileen Kane Connecticut College
Susan Kang John Jay CUNY
Caroline Kao UC Santa Cruz
Rebecca Karl New York University
Isabella Kazanecki The New School Lang Student Union
Nazia Kazi Stockton University
Joseph Keady University of Massachusetts Amherst
Joe Keady University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Matt Keegan
Robin D. G. Kelley UCLA
Arang Keshavarzian
Rafael Khachaturian Indiana University
Mazen Khawaja The New School
Denise Khor University of Massachusetts Boston
Huda Khwaja Agnes Scott College
Natan Kibret Columbia University
Nicole Killian Virginia Commonwealth University
Daniel Reginald Soowoong Kim St Norbert College
Kristina Kimball Agnes Scott College
Patrick King  
David Klassen
Bryan Klausmeyer Occidental College
Norman Klein California Institute of the Arts
Kiarina Kordela Macalester College
Sydney Korman Pace University - NYC
Zane Koss New York University
Ken Kowalski
Kitty Krupat CUNY MURPHY
Dominika Ksel, Hunter College CUNY
Deepa Kumar Rutgers University
Rachel Kuo NYU
Francois Laforge Princeton University
Despina Lalaki CUNY
Fabienne Lasserre Maryland Institute College of Art
Jessica Lavariega Monforti Pace University
Desiree LaVecchia The New School
Kristin Lawler College of Mount Saint Vincent
Arielle Lawson
Erin Leach-Ogden University of Massachusetts Boston
Jasmine Lee Ehrhardt
Daniel Lefcourt The Rhode Island School of Design
Nicole Legnani Princeton University
Jennifer Lenw
Ivonne Leon
Zachary Levenson UC Berkeley
Sura Levine Hampshire College
William S. Lewis Skidmore College
Jacques Lezra New York University
Miranda Lichtenstein  
Justin Lieberman ADBK Munchen
Tiago Lima
Kevin Lindemann
Greg Lindquist Rhode Island School of Design and Pratt Institute
Pam Lins
John Linstrom
Laura Y. Liu The New School
James Livingston Rutgers University
Tatiana Llaguno New School for Social Research
Zachary Lockman New York University
P Lopez
Leslie Lopez
Lola Loustaunau University of Oregon
Lisa Lowe Tufts
Susana Loza Hampshire College
Stephanie Luce CUNY
Dana Luciano Georgetown University
H. N. Lukes Occidental College
Sofia M University of Puerto Rico Lawschool
Ben Mabie
Medrie MacPhee Bard College
Rasigan Maharajh Tshwane University of Technology
Sunaina Maira UC Davis
Amita Manghnani New York University
Ben Manski "University of California, Santa Barbara" Education United for Democracy
Tatianna Marin California State University Los Angeles
Jessica Marshall
Brenda Martinez
Yolanda Martinez-San Miguel Rutgers University
Liz Mason-Deese University of Mary Washington and IWS
Christian Matheis Virginia Tech
Dion Mattison New School
Anthony Heinz May
Todd May Clemson
Kathleen McAfee San Francisco State University
Aubrianna McCarter The New School
Michael McCarthy Marquette University
Marlene McCarty
Colleen McCullough UCSC
Steven McCutcheon NYU GSOC-UAW 2110
Beth "McGarry, RN, BSN, M.Ed. Indian River State College
Yates McKee CUNY
Dave McKenzie Bard College
Ladelle McWhorter
Douglas Medina CUNY
Stephany Mejia
leeza Meksin
Marisata Melández  
Melissa Melpignano UCLA
Krys Méndez UCSD Ethnic Studies
Eduardo Mendieta Penn State
Wesley Meredith Stanford University
Miranda Merklein
William Messing University of Minnesota
Julia Meyer
Frann Michel Willamette University
Kalani Michell
Nora Miller Hampshire College
Karen Miller "La Guardia Community College, CUNY"
Susette Min "University of California, Davis"
Yong Soon Min
Ted Mineo Moore College of Art and Design IWS
Danielle Mink-Bellizzi
Blanca Missé
Michele Mitchell New York University
Adam Miyashiro Stockton University
Helene Moglen UC Santa Cruz
Chandra T Mohanty Syracuse University
Chandra Mohanty
Molly Molan New York University
Marie Monaco New York University
Warren Montag Occidental College
Jamie Monterroso The New School
Jason W. Moore Binghamton University
Ileana Moreno-Viqueira Stanford U and. Columbia U.
Megan Moroney New York University
Sripad Motiram University of Massachusetts Boston
Ann Muir "United Church of Christ, Redding, CA
Ani Mukherji Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Bill V. Mullen Purdue University
Robin Muller California State University, Northridge
Jess Muller
Timothy Murray Cornell University
Nadine Murshid University at Buffalo
Ariela Myers The New School
Premilla Nadasen "Barnard, Columbia University"
Eli Nadeau The New School Student Employees at the New School - SENS-UAW
L Naranch Siena College
Christopher Natoli
Eric Nava-Perez  
Marisol Negron University of Massachusetts Boston
Vasuki Nesiah New York University
H Newburn UCSC
Eric Newhall Occidental College
Karen Ng Vanderbilt
Fifile Nguyen
Chris Nickell New York University
Christopher Nickell New York University
Dmitri Nikulin New School for Social Research
Sam Norton Syracuse University
NYU Students for Justice in Palestine New York University
Michelle Esther O’Brien New York University
Rocio Ochoa Agnes Scott College
Daniela Ochoa The New School
Christie Offenbacher
Kevin Ohi Boston College
Johanna Oksala "University of Helsinki, Pratt Institute"
Indigo Olivier The new school
Amy Abugo Ongiri Lawrence University
Romy Opperman Penn State
Phillip Opsasnick Stony Brook University
Jose Orduna
Jackie Orr Syracuse University
Yekaterina Oziashvili Sarah Lawrence
Raquel Pacheco "University of California, San Diego"
Lakshmi Padmanabhan Brown University
Max Page University of Massachusetts Amherst
Allison Page Hampshire College
Anna Palmer Occidental College
Thalia Pandiri Smith College
Crystal Parikh New York University
Andrew Parker Rutgers University
Jerusalem Parsons The New School for Social Research IWS
Anne Pasek New York University GSOC-UAW-Local 2110
Alyssa Pelish Columbia University
Patricia Penn Hilden UC Berkeley
Asia Perrotti
Rosalind Petchesky "Hunter College & the Graduate Center, CUNY (retired)"
Dushko Petrovich School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Claire Phillips CalArts
Ryan Phillips Eastern Kentucky University
Tanya Pierre Agnes Scott College
Tataiana Pinto
Jennifer Pipitone Pratt Institute
Jasmine Pisapia
Gabriel Pita University of Puerto Rico RÃ_o Piedras Campus
Ross Poole New School for Social Research
Bogdan Popa Oberlin College
Ana Portnoy Brimmer University of Puerto Rico-RÃ_o Piedras
Sonya Posmentier New York University
Charles Post CUNY
Gary Potter Eastern Kentucky University
Lana Povitz
Eric Powell University of Chicago
Jeffrey Powell
Vijay Prashad Trinity
Nate Preus New York University GSOC-UAW
Rowan Price Humboldt State University
Michael Principe Middle Tennessee State University
Julia Przybos "Hunter College, CUNY"
Jasbir Puar Rutgers
Andrea Quaid
Ana Quesada UPR - Rio Piedras Campus
hanneline røgeberg Rutgers University
Sara Greenberger Rafferty
Andrew Ragni
Moises Ramirez New School for Social Research
Sebastian Ramirez Vanderbilt University
Erag Ramizi
Jesse Rappaport
Anthony Ratcliff Cal State Los Angeles
Joseph Rathgeber Montclair State University
Sid Ray Pace University
Conor Tomás Reed
Tobias Rehberger Hochschule fur Bildende Kunst
Miliette Reyes Derecho UPR
Alexander Riccio Oregon State University
Julia Riell
Flavio Risech Hmapshire College
Lauramir Rivera Universidad de Puerto Rico
Rosa Rivera UPR
Gisela Rivera
Willmai Rivera-Perez
Linda Rivers
David Robertson Princeton University
Nancy Robinson
Meghan Robison Montclair State University
Halsey Rodman Bard College and Yale University
Jaclyn Rodriguez Occidental College
Isel Rodriguez University of Puerto Rico
Jose Carlos Rodriguez Seattle University
Rafael E. Rodriguez Rivera Director of the Legal Aid Clinic Law Faculty of the InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico
Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson Loyola Marymount University
Monique Roelofs Hampshire College
Lisa Rofel "University of California, Santa Cruz"
Amador Roman NYCCT/CUNY
Avital Ronell New York University
Trevor Root Duquesne University
Alessandra Rosa Lynn University
Iris Rosario University of Puerto Rico
Anthony Rosario
Jordy Rosenberg University of Massachusetts
Lisa Rosenthal
Samiha Ross Agnes Scott College
Amy Ross University of Georgia
Andrew Ross New York University
Elizabeth Rowe Agnes Scott College
David Ruccio University of Notre Dame
Alix Rule Columbia
George Rush Ohio State University
Helene Russo
Charlotte Saenz  
Ron Salaj
Maria Josefina Saldaña-Portillo New York University
Arun Saldanha University of Minnesota
Barry Salmon
Leslie Salzinger UC Berkeley
Zoraida Santiago Universidad de Puerto Rico
Felix Santiago
Natalia Santos Orozco University of Puerto Rico
Janet Sarbanes California Institute of the Arts
Busra Sati
Matt Saunders Harvard University
Emilio Sauri University of Massachusetts Boston
Lauren Schaeffer UCLA UAW 2865
Sarah Scheepers  
Erin Schell
Denali Schmidt Rhode Island School of Design
Susan Schneider
Mira Schor Parsons The New School for Design
Sanford Schram "Hunter College, CUNY"
Louis-Georges Schwartz
Helen Scott University of Vermont
James Scott Yale Uniuversity
Catherine V. Scott Agnes Scott College
Scott Searing Columbia Basin College Alum
Tani Sebro
Bilal Sekou University of Hartford
Daniel Selcer Duquesne University
Uditi Sen
Amy Senta University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Gayatri Sethi  
Kelly Shannon
Nandita Sharma University of Hawai'i at Mnoa
Emma Shaw Crane
Steven Sherman UConn Stamford
Wilson Sherwin CUNY
Deborah Shulevitz Columbia University
Sarah Sidi The New School
Amy Sillman Staedelschule
Ruth Silverberg College of Staten Island
Samikshya Siwakoti Agnes Scott College
Jeffrey Skoller UC Berkeley
Frank Smecker Duquesne University
Morgan Smith
Michele Smith
Anthony Paul Smith LaSalle University
Stefanie Snider Kendall College of Art and Design
Ann Snitow "Lang College, The New School
Fanny Soderback DePaul University
Oscar Fabian Soto University California-Santa Barbara
Eva Soto Perelló Portland State University
Robin Sowards Chatham University
Christina Squitieri New York University
Lakshmi Srinivas University of Massachusetts, Boston
Carol Stabile University of Oregon
A.L. Steiner
Michael Stephens "Binghamton University, SUNY"
Maurice Stierl UC Davis
Ben Stillerman NYU
Benedict Stork Seattle University
Josh Strassman University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Joshua Sturman Duquesne University
Dora Suarez The New School
Natalie Suzelis Carnegie Mellon University
James Symington NSSR
Rhana Tabrizi CalArts
Amy Tahani-Bidmeshki Occidental College
Anne Tate
Diana Taylor New York University
Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Princeton University and IWS
Mei Ann Teo "Hampshire College, MA"
Valerie Tevere "College of Staten Island, CUNY"
Millie Thayer University of Massachusetts Amherst
Ashley Theissen University of Texas at Austin
Mark Theunissen New School for Social Research / Parsons School of Design
Yannik Thiem
tzvia thier
Megan Thomas UC Santa Cruz
Kirsten Thompson Seattle University
Frank Thompson University of Michigan
Andrew K. Thompson Fordham University
Miriam Ticktin New School for Social Research
Saadia Toor College of Staten Island
Nelly Tournaki CUNY
Trang Tran
Debbie Tucker
Somaly Tum The New School
Lynne Turner CUNY
Jennifer Tyburczy UC Santa Barbara
Jim Uleman New York University
Jennifer Uleman Purchase College (SUNY)
Seth Uzman UT Austin
Todd Vachon University of Connecticut
Wilson Valentín-Escobar Hampshire College
Ivonne del Valle UC Berkeley
Richard Valliere
Joseph van der Naald "The Graduate Center, CUNY" Professional Staff Congress
Erik Van Deventer New York University
Joseph Varga Indiana University
Manuel Vargas R Kingston University
Galo Vasquez SUNY New Paltz
Sherry Vatter California State University, Long Beach
David Vázquez University of Oregon
Laura Vena California Institute of the Arts
Nantina Vgontzas New York University Graduate Student Organizing Committee of the UAW 2110
Jo Vickery
William Villalongo Cooper Union
Lenore Von Stein
James Walker
Katharine Wallerstein
Suzanna Walters Northeastern University
Wayne Wapeemukwa
McKenzie Wark The New School
Robert Weide Cal State LA
Andrew Weiner
Barbara Weinstein New York University
Tama Weisman
Margot Weiss Wesleyan University
Dylan Welch Hampshire College
Alistair Welchman University of Texas at San Antonio
Zoé West SUNY
Cornel West Harvard University, Princeton University
Stephen Westfall
James Wheeler
Regina Wickham
Blanche Wiesen Cook John Jay College, CUNY
Didier William Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Daniel Wills
Tamar Diana Wilson Community4ImmigrantRights
Rachael Wilson
Howard Winant "University of California, Santa Barbara"
Ella Wind New York University
Jay Wolfson American University
Mia Wong New York University
Deva Woodly-Davis The New School
Duane Wright  
George Yancy
Ashley Yanda Pace University
Gabriel Young New York University
Imani Young Bey Agnes Scott College
Arya Zahedi New School University
Ariel Zakarison Hunter College Democratic Socialists of America
Rocio Zambrana University of Oregon
Diana Zambrano Lesley University
Susy Zepeda UC Davis
Yiran Zhang Loyola University Chicago
Catherine Zimmer Pace University
Erik Zimmerman The New School for Social Research
Kevin Zucker RISD

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