Milwaukee Public Schools Immediately Terminate the Contract with Milwaukee Police Department

Superintendent Keith Posley, Milwaukee Public Schools School Board Directors

Milwaukee Public Schools maintains a $478,242 dollar annual contract with the Milwaukee Police department. That means that there is nearly a half million dollar budget that makes it easier for Black children in Milwaukee Public Schools to be connected to racist and harmful criminal systems as early as three years old. The school to prison pipeline impacts students in Milwaukee daily. As of March 11th, 2020 51% of MPS student enrollment is Black, with Black students making up 80% of behavior referrals and 81% of suspensions. The current questions that surround the school closures due to the pandemic only raise more questions about what the return to school will look like in the fall and whether we will have PPE, resources, and additional health support for our students and staff in the fall.

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To: Superintendent Keith Posley, Milwaukee Public Schools School Board Directors
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Milwaukee Public Schools must immediately end their contract with the Milwaukee Police Department. #DefundthePolice We demand that the $478,242 dollar divestment be invested into anti-racist professional development and support for all staff. Specifically, we demand that…

We must require that all staff engage in anti-racist education and professional development every school year.

We must have more mental health resources and support for students and staff.

We must have clean schools and buildings.

We must be authentic participants in National Black Lives Matter at school week of action, we must organize to address the four national demands of the movement in our district and make those requests tangible and felt by every student, staff, and community member associated with this district.

We must lift up our Black colleagues, hire more Black teachers, and develop a robust Black Studies curriculum K-12.

We must create schools that empower and embolden Black students and staff.

We must pay a livable wage for every staff member in the district immediately.