Modernize the New Mexico State Legislature

Pledging Support for a Modern Legislature


New Mexico has the only remaining unsalaried legislature in the nation. Our so-called “Citizen Legislature” was to be representative and comprised of everyday people when the state constitution was drafted in 1912. Unfortunately, that framework no longer serves our state well. The complex issues we face in 2023 require a vibrant diverse body with the tools necessary to find the right solutions for New Mexico.

We need a legislature that looks like our state and understands the needs of our people. The reality is that our unpaid legislature places limits on who can afford to serve as an elected official and hampers our legislative body. Currently it’s primarily wealthy or retired candidates who can afford to mount a campaign and have the time off and means to serve in an unpaid post. This amounts to a lack of ordinary New Mexicans representing our state and its diverse people.

Furthermore, New Mexico’s 30-day and 60-day sessions are among the shortest legislative sessions in the US . This results in debates that are curtailed and cut short in many instances. Worse yet, some of the priority legislation undertaken every year stalls simply because time runs out to advance the bills. If New Mexico is to keep pace with the rest of America, we need to allocate adequate time to write, debate and pass new laws.

Additionally, lawmakers in New Mexico do not have adequate year-round staff or district office space. This represents a huge deficit. Elected officials are limited in their abilities to understand complex issues and cannot serve their constituents effectively. With a lack of trained office staff, legislators are left to rely on the expertise of professional lobbyists, who can then exert undue influence.

We can fix this!

  • Fairly compensate legislators
  • Extend the length of sessions
  • Provide legislators paid staff and office space

A modern New Mexico Legislature will afford our state the opportunity to grow and thrive. Our citizens deserve elected officials who are reflective of our population and have the necessary time and resources to tackle complex problems and find solutions to improve the lives of all New Mexicans.

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The time is now to professionalize and modernize the New Mexico State Legislature. We need a legislative body comprised of everyday New Mexicans who are reflective of our diverse population.

We face complex problems that require more time to solve. With New Mexico's legislative sessions being among the shortest in the nation, every year important bills that could improve the lives of constituents runs out of time before being fully debated. In order to keep pace with the rest of the country, New Mexico should create a modern legislature that can do the work necessary to improve our state and get us off the bottom of every list.

Our citizens deserve a legislature fitting of modern times that can solve the problems of today and better serve the needs of our people.