Move Forward on the FHV Healthcare Bill

NY City Council

36.6% of IDG members said they do not have healthcare insurance according to an internal survey.

It's appalling that in one of the most wealthy cities in America, the people responsible for the safe transportation of over 200,000 people per day don't have access to affordable health insurance.

In an effort to fix that, Councilmember Corey Johnson is sponsoring a bill to pay the costs of healthcare benefits and expenses through For Hire Vehicle rider surcharge. The bill authorizes the Taxi and Limousine Commission to determine the surcharge amount and gives administration authority to an agency. We argue that riders should be the only ones paying the surcharge, but companies that are profiting from the labor of working drivers should kick in too.

What does that mean for working drivers? Potentially free healthcare.

The Independent Drivers Guild asked our members and 96% support this bill. Sign our petition asking the City Council to move forward with bill at the bottom of this page if you're on mobile, or to the right if you're on a desktop.

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Move forward on the bill to give For Hire Vehicle drivers healthcare, and require multimillion dollar companies like Uber to pay into the healthcare fund too. Help us ensure working drivers and their families are healthy and safe.