Nestlé and Cargill need to act on slavery

Nestle & Cargill

Chocolate is meant to bring celebration and joy. What if you knew that major chocolate companies are making hundreds of thousands of children work in cocoa farms, some in conditions of slavery, and frequently exposing them to poisonous chemicals. Sounds impossible, right?

Sadly, over a million kids work in fields to plant, harvest and process cocoa beans that are often grown with dangerous chemicals.  This is just wrong and must stop.

So as long as they encourage or turn a blind eye to child labor, we shouldn’t celebrate them.

These companies call the shots and could easily fix this. At the very least they need to end the use of child and slave labor in their cocoa supply.

Tell Nestlé and Cargill to finally end slavery and child labor connected to their chocolate.

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The cocoa sector is notorious for its widespread use of child labor and other abuses. It is estimated that 1.56 million children work in the cocoa industry; many are forced to use dangerous tools and chemicals and carry enormous weights, in direct violation of international labor standards, the UN convention on child labor, and domestic laws.

It's time you acted. End your links to slavery now.