Never work with or for Putnam Partners again

Putnam Partners: Mark Putnam, Phillip de Vellis, Jim Duffy

This week, Kentucky Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes put out a racist ad attacking 'illegal immigrants.' This video is so beyond the pale, that people working in Democratic election campaigns as staff and/or consultants are standing together to declare that this is beyond the pale.
The ad is so racist, such a smear on the Democratic Party and our work as people who make a living helping Democrats get elected, that taking a stand has become necessary.

We ask that folks signing this petition name their firm, employer, or most recent/current campaign they have worked for in the comments section.

Petition by
Charles Lenchner
New York, New York

To: Putnam Partners: Mark Putnam, Phillip de Vellis, Jim Duffy
From: [Your Name]

Your role in the production of the Alison Lundergan-Grimes attack ad 'Biggest Ever' is so thoroughly despicable that you have earned our attention. We pledge, as colleagues in the world of Democratic electoral and advocacy politics, never to work with you, for you, or with any candidate or organization that employs you.
There's no way back from this.