New Hampshire: Say NO to "Right to Work" (SB61)

New Hampshire State Legislature

"Right to work" (SB61) is an attack on ALL families in New Hampshire. It deprives workers of their freedom to join together and form strong unions if they choose to. All that "right to work" laws do is suppress wages, lower workplace safety and reduce the quality of public services we rely on in our communities.

Proponents of "right to work" claim that it protects workers from being forced to join a union, but federal law does that already. In fact, back in 2018, Gov. Sununu even acknowledged that there’s “no need to pursue any additional legislation” when it comes to right to work in New Hampshire.

This bill is nothing more than an attempt by out-of-state corporate special interest groups to abolish unions altogether—they couldn’t care less about the freedom of New Hampshire’s workers. Add your name to tell the New Hampshire legislature to vote NO on SB61.

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"Right to Work" is NOT the way we do things in New Hampshire. It cripples our fundamental right to join together to have a meaningful voice in the workplace. Right to work is an attack on all families in New Hampshire.

I urge you to vote NO on SB61