Sign the Petition: New USPS Chair must fire Louis DeJoy

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President Biden is ousting one of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s biggest allies on the USPS Board of Governors -- meaning he can nominate a replacement who will protect the Postal Service by firing DeJoy.

Louis DeJoy is a GOP mega-donor who was hand-picked by Donald Trump to run the USPS. He spent most of 2020 trying to sabotage this vital public service -- imposing outrageous restrictions on postal workers, removing mailboxes by the truckload, and more -- in service of Trump’s plot to silence mail-in voters during the presidential election.

And this year, he has been widely criticized for his decision to slow down mail delivery and raise postage prices -- as well as for the potential personal profit he could make from these plans.

But despite the alarming changes made under DeJoy’s leadership and the negative impact they’ve had on voters, families, and small businesses -- USPS Board Chairman Ron Bloom has consistently backed him.

Their relationship has drawn particular scrutiny due to Bloom and DeJoy’s financial ties. In a span of just seven months, DeJoy purchased up to $305,000 in bonds from the asset management firm where Bloom is a senior executive. [1]

But President Biden has now made a surprising announcement: he will not re-nominate two members of the USPS Board of Governors, including Bloom. This is a game-changer -- but we need to speak out immediately to make sure Bloom’s replacement is dedicated to firing DeJoy.

Sign this petition if you agree: the Senate must secure firm commitments from Biden’s nominees that, if confirmed, they’ll defend the USPS by firing Louis DeJoy.


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Soon-to-be-former USPS Board of Governors Chairman Ron Bloom keeps covering for Postmaster General Louis DeJoy -- even as DeJoy has slowed down mail delivery, hiked up postage prices, and threatened our right to vote by mail.

Now, President Biden and the Senate are selecting Bloom’s replacement. We urge the Senate to secure a firm commitment from Biden’s nominee that they will fire DeJoy.