New Yorkers To Leaders: Don't Cut Medicaid, Tax The Rich!

Governor Cuomo, Leader Stewart-Cousins, and Speaker Heastie


The COVID-19 crisis and New York's staggering inequality leaves the most vulnerable communities in unfathomable conditions. Why in an unprecedented health crisis is Governor Cuomo pushing for cuts to MEDICAID and threatening to reject federal relief funding?

While the rich and famous get tested and treated, working people are losing our jobs, our health insurance and have no safety net. We need the Governor, the State Senate, and the Assembly to change course on the budget and commit to NO MEDICAID CUTS and to RAISE REVENUE BY TAXING THE RICH. We’re all in this together. And we all need BUDGET JUSTICE!

To: Governor Cuomo, Leader Stewart-Cousins, and Speaker Heastie
From: [Your Name]

It is more clear than ever that years of austerity budgets have starved our communities and left them exposed in a time of desperate need. In spite of this, Governor Cuomo continues to push for dangerous, large-scale budget cuts to Medicaid while refusing to raise taxes on the very rich to manage this pandemic.

It is clear that the battle lines have been drawn. The time has come to ask you which side you stand on: The billionaires’ or the people’s.

As the state budget wraps this week,  we demand that you rise to the occasion by doing the following:

1- End all cuts to Medicaid.
2- Stop rejecting federal aid money granted in the first Stimulus package to fund New York’s Medicaid needs.
3 - A billionaire wealth tax on fortunes over a billion dollars
4 - An ultra-millionaires income tax on income over five million dollars a year
5- A pied-á-terre tax on luxury homes and apartments worth over $5 million that are not a family’s primary residence
6- A transfer tax on stock buybacks by huge corporations and other fair-share revenue proposals only targeting the ultra-rich.

We can no longer afford to put the profits of CEOs and shareholders before the health and wellbeing of everyday New Yorkers. 

We deserve bold leadership. We deserve Budget Justice.