Nike: Just Do the Right Thing

Mark Parker, Chief Executive Officer, Nike Inc.

Nike recently announced it would no longer allow its factories to be inspected by independent monitors from the Worker Rights Consortium, instead insisting it would only allow inspections by an organization notorious for whitewashing sweatshop abuses – an organization funded by the very same companies it claims to monitor.

As the largest athletic clothing manufacturer in the world, Nike sets a standard that is followed by many other apparel companies. That’s why it’s so important we don’t let Nike get away with doing the wrong thing. Help us ensure more companies don’t shirk their responsibility to the men and women who work in their factories!

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To: Mark Parker, Chief Executive Officer, Nike Inc.
From: [Your Name]

Dear Mr. Parker,

We are concerned that Nike is no longer allowing the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) to have access to, or inspect any of its’ factories. This decision is not only in violation of many college and University codes of conduct, but will have devastating effects for the workers who manufacture your apparel all over the world.

We know Nike has a long track record of labor violations and, therefore Nike cannot be trusted to voluntarily monitor itself with any credibility. Without WRC inspections, we have no way of confirming that Nike apparel is being manufactured under conditions where workers’ basic rights are respected.

We are therefore asking that that Nike immediately comply with our codes of conduct by allowing the WRC to inspect its factories.

Nike, just do the right thing.