No citizenship question -- pass the Census IDEA Act

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We can put a stop the Trump administration's plan to RIG the 2020 Census and skew our democracy for the next decade or more.

The Census is constitutionally required to count every person living in the United States. But Trump's Commerce Department is trying to add an unnecessary, untested, and unreliable question about citizenship status to the survey.

Coupled with his anti-immigrant fearmongering, this question will decrease the response rate of communities of color and keep those communities from being fairly represented in our democracy.

Here's how we stop this racist scheme in its tracks: the Census IDEA Act. This bill would require three years of review for any new Census questions, stopping Trump's Census-rigging in its tracks -- and ensuring that only well-tested questions appear on the survey in the future.

Add your name and tell Congress to support the Census IDEA Act now!

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An accurate Census is vital to a fair, representative democracy. If we let the 2020 count be skewed by a dangerous, untested question on citizenship status, real people will be deprived of the representation and resources they deserve.

Only tested and necessary questions should appear on the Census -- which is why Congress must support the Census IDEA Act and mandate that all new Census questions undergo a three-year review process.