Disney just announced that it would be testing facial recognition at entry points to the Magic Kingdom, as a form of admission to the park.

This is the latest example of corporations using facial recognition without concern for how the mass collection of biometric data puts people in danger.

On its website, Disney even says that “security, integrity, and confidentiality of your information are extremely important to us” BUT ALSO THAT “no security measures are perfect or impenetrable.” We’ve already seen facial recognition databases get hacked, putting peoples’ sensitive and irreplaceable information in the hands of people who want to do harm.

Disney says that testing facial recognition is optional—but if people don’t understand the risks and built-in biases associated with handing over their biometric information, they could be putting themselves in danger without realizing it. And the technology’s long track record of misidentifying dark-skinned people, misgendering LGBTQ+ people, and working less well on both women and children will put these groups at even greater risk.

Sign the petition: Tell Disney to stop testing facial recognition and to commit to never using this invasive surveillance technology.

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Stop testing facial recognition and commit to never using this invasive surveillance technology.