No Militarized Policing in Charlottesville

Charlottesville City Council

We don't need counterproductive war-like violence in our city.

Petition by
David Swanson
Charlottesville, Virginia
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To: Charlottesville City Council
From: [Your Name]

We urge you to ban from Charlottesville:
(1) military-style or "warrior" training of police by the U.S. military, any foreign military or police, or any private company,
(2) acquisition by police of any weaponry from the U.S. military;
and to require enhanced training and stronger policies for conflict de-escalation, and limited use of force for law enforcement.

Supported by: Former Mayor Dave Norris; and local activists: David Swanson, Adele Roof, Tony Russell, Bill Lankford, as well as World BEYOND War,, Amnesty International - Charlottesville, Richard Lord and Activists' Guide, Charlottesville Clergy Collective, Cville Immigrant Freedom Fund, . . . [growing list].