No More Deaths: Replace ML Ready Mix With Public Green Space

Councillor Grimes and Mayor Tory

On Friday, November 20th, a bicyclist was struck and killed by an ML Ready Mix concrete truck at the intersection of Royal York and Judson.

The tragic loss of life was made all the worse by the certain knowledge that it was entirely preventable.

Residents in the area have long warned that ML Ready Mix is an uncooperative and unsafe neighbour. It has pumped toxins and noise pollution into our community for years. Now, it has killed someone.

A year ago, the city paid millions to buy out the land ML Ready Mix sits on, and the company was given an ultimatum - it had one year to cease operations and move.

That deadline is about to be missed.

Our patience is up. It's time to put an immediate halt to ML Ready Mix's operations and commit to converting that property into vibrant, publicly accessible green space for our entire community.

Add your name to tell Councillor Grimes and Mayor Tory that time is up for ML Ready Mix.

To: Councillor Grimes and Mayor Tory
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Councillor Grimes and Mayor Tory,

We are fed up with ML Ready Mix polluting our neighbourhood and now being responsible for killing one of our neighbours.

We call on you to immediately shut down ML Ready Mix operations and commit to public green space on the city-owned lands they are using.