No to Tory War Games - Welfare Not Warfare

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s new hi-tech aircraft carrier, is leading the biggest air and sea deployment since the Falklands War. Sending a flotilla bristling with weapons to the South China Sea will only escalate global tensions.

Departing Portsmouth on 23 May, visiting trouble spots around the world, the flotilla will end its journey with war games with Japan. The intention: to project to the world that Britain is global power to be reckoned with.

At a time when the NHS is at breaking point and public services are suffering from years of austerity, the Tory government has chosen to spend tens of billions on a military display to pursue a post-colonial fantasy and show support for the US’s cold war with China.  

Please join us in our campaign to oppose this futile and dangerous military exercise.

To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson
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HMS Queen Elizabeth is set to head up the biggest air and sea operation since the Falklands War. The government's plan is that on May 23 it will lead a carrier strike group bristling with weapons to visit trouble spots around the world ending in the South China Sea with war games with Japan.

The aim is to project the UK's military power and to support the US's New Cold War against China. This deployment can only increase military tensions around the world.

Rather than spending billions on new military technology and displays of military power the government should focus its energy and resources on a struggling NHS and services stretched to breaking point by years of austerity.