No Vouchers: Public Money is for Public Schools

Iowa State Lawmakers

Even though a strong majority of Iowans oppose it, Governor Reynolds is asking state lawmakers to approve her voucher bill this session. If approved, the bill would take public tax dollars away from public schools and divert it to private school instead.

We believe every kid in Iowa deserves a world-class education, regardless of where they live, and that public money belongs in public schools.

Vouchers will leave too many Iowa kids behind. Here's why:  

  • 75% of Iowa public schools are in rural areas with no access to private schools, which leaves many kids out

  • 134 rural schools have already closed and diverting dollars from public schools to private schools will close even more

  • Taking away money from the 485,000 kids in public schools will increase class sizes and leave kids with fewer opportunities

  • Public schools accept all kids, private schools pick and choose the kids they want

  • Iowa parents already have several choices for educating their children

  • $100 million in public tax dollars already goes to support non-public schools every year

  • Millionaires would receive $100,000 to send their kids to private school with our public tax dollars

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Please vote NO on the Governor's voucher plan. We believe public money is for public schools.