Nobody Should Work Without Pay: Restore Overtime Protections for Salaried Workers in Colorado

State of Colorado

Too many of us are working longer hours and not seeing the benefit. Employers get salaried workers whose extra hours come at no additional cost to them, and we, the employees, get less time at home with our families with no extra money to show for it. We are tired of losing in this equation, and now in Colorado, we have the opportunity to make a lasting change.

Currently, employers pay no extra cost for salaried workers’ extra time, and it shows. We are regularly asked to work beyond a standard 8-hour day, because there is no incentive to send us home at a normal time. With overtime protections restored, employers will have to consider our time as valuable, because it will cost them - giving us either more time to live our lives or compensating us accordingly.

We need your support to make this change a reality. Sign below to tell Colorado we are fed up with the current system that uses our time to benefit only the company, and we are ready to get paid for all the work we do.

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Our time is valuable, whether we are salaried or not. The current system negates that value and robs us of time with our families and to live our lives. Restore overtime protections for salaried workers in Colorado, so we can get paid for all the work we do!