Oppose Florida’s Anti-Gay Bill

Florida legislators and Governor

Person with rainbow flag and kid.

Right now, politicians in FL are proposing a bill that would BAN some educators from teaching about LGBTQ+ people. This bill would make it illegal for any elementary school staffer -including teachers and school counselors - to talk about LGBTQ+ people. They would be barred from talking about how kids express their gender identity, or the fact that some kids have two dads or two moms.

And if a child confides in their teacher or counselor about their own identity, that staff member would be required to disclose that to their parents, even if there were concerns about potential abuse. Sadly, a third of all LGBTQ+ youth report being physically abused by parents due to their identity. Requiring staff to tell parents puts children at a huge and unacceptable risk of violence.

Sign the petition now and tell FL legislators and the governor to oppose this dangerous bill.

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Please oppose Florida’s "Don't Say Gay" bill (HB 1557/SB 1834) by Representative Joe Harding and Senator Dennis Baxley. This bill would effectively erase LGBTQ students, families, and history by banning classroom discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in certain schools. It would also undermine existing protections for LGBTQ kids in schools, potentially putting them in danger. The Legislature cannot force LGBTQ people back into the closet by policing identity or stopping kids from talking about their same-sex parents. Please oppose HB 1557 and SB 1834, which would next go before the House Judiciary Committee and Senate Education Committee. If it eventually reaches Governor DeSantis’ desk it must be vetoed.