Make the Earned Income Credit Work for Illinois: ENDORSE EIC EXPANSION

Illinois General Assembly

Poverty and inequality are worsening in Illinois.

Our neighbors need bold, workable policy solutions that give them the relief they need to weather financial hardship and build toward their future.

Sign your organization on to endorse the bill to expand the Earned Income Credit. The bill, titled "Making the Earned Income Credit Work for Working Illinoisans” is championed by a coalition of 30 nonprofit, labor, and consumer advocate groups and is led by Senator Sims and Representative Ammons  (HB2792/SB2814) in the General Assembly.

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Illinois families need an expansion to the Earned Income Credit (EIC).

What's the problem? Currently, the Earned Income Credit (EIC) is a credit available to many Illinoisans earning less than $56,000, but not all. Our bill would make structural changes to expand the Earned Income Credit to so more hardworking Illinoisans have access to the tax relief the deserve. Specifically, it would expand credit to be available to adults 18-24 and 65 or older who do not have dependents. It would also allow immigrant families that work and pay taxes, but file with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) rather than a Social Security Number to get access to the credit. Finally, it would extend a $600 minimum credit to caregivers providing care for children under 6 or a dependent adult.

The potential impact is huge. Over 500,000 households-- and 1.24 million people in those households-- in Illinois would become eligible for the EIC and receive up to $1,200 in a tax refund from the State. This would help thousands of Illinois families and children in lower-income households gain access to opportunities that lead to an economically secure life.

We are one of the many groups who want you to pass the bill "Making the Earned Income Credit Work for Working Illinoisans” (HB2792 -Ammons/ SB2814- Sims) this session to provide Illinois families with the relief they need.