Osborne Shopping Plaza Development

KLNB Properties

Let our voices be heard and quickly! Please sign this petition and if you have a specific suggestion/preference for a restaurant, please see if you can add it to the petition. We want a stronger, healthier community and we need for the owners or property managers of Osborne to hear how we want to spend our money.

Petition by
Tamara Reyes
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

To: KLNB Properties
From: [Your Name]

The greater community requests healthy restaurant tenants instead of the typical fast food options. This community has seen continued growth in population as well as wealth. The community is conscientious about eating for their health. Far too much of our local money is spent in other communities, at other shopping plazas, because they offer the healthy varieties we are all desperately seeking. It speaks volumes as to how far residents will travel daily to spend their money to feed themselves and their families nutritious meals. Wouldn't it be better to keep the money local and within your very own plaza, leading to even more growth, development options, and higher-end tenants!?!