Our representatives must defeat this threat to our democracy

Pennsylvania Legislature

Thanks to the advocacy of Common Cause Pennsylvania activists like you -- who made phone calls, sent letters, and organized alongside us -- we’ve managed to keep a dangerous judicial gerrymandering amendment OFF the ballot for our May primary election.

We should take the time to celebrate that win, but our fight to maintain the integrity and impartiality of the courts isn’t over.

There’s still a chance this amendment could make it onto the ballot for the November election -- and if that happens, it’ll be a lot harder to successfully fight back against.

Tell the Pennsylvania Legislature that they must drop their efforts to push judicial gerrymandering House Bill 38 through without public participation >>

To: Pennsylvania Legislature
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Fair and impartial courts form the basis for our democracy, but if the Legislature passes a judicial gerrymandering constitutional amendment, House Bill 38, without public participation, those principles will be undermined beyond repair.

Instead of passing this amendment and gerrymandering our courts – a threat to Pennsylvanians everywhere – our legislators must prioritize the integrity and impartiality of our judicial system, and they must take into account feedback and testimony from everyday Pennsylvanians along the way.