Override Gov. Hogan's veto of paid sick leave

Maryland Legislators

Last week Gov. Larry Hogan vetoed paid sick leave legislation.

Gov. Hogan's veto leaves 700,000 working-class employees without the ability to earn paid sick leave and puts them in the position of having to work sick or risk losing their jobs.

Join us in urging Maryland lawmakers to override Gov. Hogan's veto!

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Annapolis, Maryland

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Gov. Hogan vetoed legislation to extend earned sick leave to 700,000 Marylanders. Gov. Hogan is fighting for the special interests at the expense of working families. That's not the change he promised - that's just politics as usual.

Gov. Hogan should be ashamed of himself for turning his back on hardworking men and women across the state. No one should have to choose between taking a sick day or losing their job.

I urge you to stand up for people like me by voting to override Gov. Hogan's veto.

Thank you.