Parents call for UK and Norwegian governments to stop the enormous Rosebank oil field

Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of UK, Jonas Gahr Støre, Prime Minister of Norway, David Johnston, Minister for Children, Families and Wellbeing in the UK, Kjersti Toppe, Minister for Children and Families in Norway

Stop Rosebank parent petition

The UK Government is showing no signs of stopping the new Rosebank oil field. Directly defying the advice of scientists across the world, who say we can have NO new fossil fuel projects for a chance of keeping the planet - our only home - livable for our kids. For all Kids.

Equinor the company behind Rosebank is majority owned by the Norwegian government, effectively by the people of Norway. The oil and gas from this field would produce more CO2 than the combined annual emissions of the world’s 28 lowest-income countries. It will make keeping global heating below the safe limits of 1.5 harder than it already is, pushing our planet towards irreversible tipping points.

Parents and carers across the world, let's come together to sign this petition demanding the UK and Norwegian government:

  • Protect our children and all children - commit to stopping the development of the Rosebank Oil Field and ALL new fossil fuel projects.
  • Commit to a rapid decrease in carbon emissions - ambitiously increasing investment in insulating homes and increasing energy efficiency, coupled with swift, mass investment in renewable energy and support for impacted workers and communities.

Please sign and share this petition today. It's not too late for our governments to stop prioritising profits over our kids. But the clock is ticking!

Their future starts today! Tomorrow is too late!

Read the full letter here.

Petition by
Parents for Future UK
London, United Kingdom
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To: Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of UK, Jonas Gahr Støre, Prime Minister of Norway, David Johnston, Minister for Children, Families and Wellbeing in the UK, Kjersti Toppe, Minister for Children and Families in Norway
From: Maria Garzaner

We write to you as parents and parent organisations, from the UK, Norway and across the world, to ask you to stop the development of the Rosebank oil field in the UK.

We are incredibly concerned about fossil fuel giant - Equinor’s plans to develop the Rosebank oil field. The Norwegian government is the majority-owner of Equinor, and we are calling on you to keep Rosebank’s oil safely in the ground for the sake of this generation, future generations, our oceans and our liveable climate. And we demand the UK government refuse to allow the project to go ahead.

Burning Rosebank’s oil and gas would produce over 200 million tonnes of CO2 - more than the combined annual CO2 emissions of all 28 low-income countries in the world. This year, 700 scientists urged you to Stop Rosebank and all new oil and gas projects. In line with the recent UN climate report, ratified by over 195 countries. In line with meeting our Net Zero targets. In line with our global commitments under the Paris Agreement. In line with keeping our kids, your kids, ALL kids, safe and allowing them a liveable planet to grow up on. Your actions now on this field will have direct consequences. Make them positive, not grave.

Letting this project go ahead is at odds with global leadership on climate change. Both the UK and Norwegian governments need to take a stand for what’s right for humanity and all we share this beautiful planet with. Norway has set ambitious climate targets, and across the world people and governments are looking to you for climate leadership. Allowing Equinor to develop Rosebank undermines your role as a climate leader and pushes us closer to parts of our world becoming uninhabitable. You have the power to stop this.

What’s more - Rosebank will not help UK families with their rising energy bills or make us less reliant on foreign imports. The cost of developing Rosebank will cost UK taxpayers billions in subsidies.

The only way to improve our energy security is by rapidly expanding renewable energy, and reducing our reliance on fossil fuel imports. Instead of Rosebank, the UK should focus on nationwide energy efficiency schemes to retrofit and insulate homes - measures which will bring our bills down, and invest heavily in renewable energy. We still have a chance to limit global heating and its disastrous consequences but that window of opportunity is closing fast.

We urge you to hear the call of parents around the world to Stop Rosebank. Use your power to prioritise energy efficiency and urgently focus on a transition to an energy system powered by clean, affordable renewable energy.

Please - for our children, for your children, for marine life, for a liveable future… Stop Rosebank. You have the power to do right by the world’s children and this planet.

Yours sincerely,

Concerned Parents and Carers from across the world

Instagram: @ParentsForFuture_UK