Pass a CCOPS (Community Control Over Police Surveillance) Ordinance in Dallas

Dallas City Council

Dallas Morning News

During the George Floyd protests last summer, Dallas residents witnessed the police use tear gas, military gear, and surveillance technologies against peaceful protesters. This petition aims to change that by urging members of city council to adopt CCOPS, a template bill drafted by the ACLU for cities across the country. This bill increases transparency around the technologies used by the police, including military equipment obtained from the Department of Defense through the 1033 program. Sign below, and spread the word to other Dallas residents!

CCOPS Bill + Military Technology Oversight

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To: Dallas City Council
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We the undersigned urge you to adopt the ACLU's Community Control Over Police Surveillance (CCOPS) model bill, which would give Dallas residents more control over the technologies used by the police. Dallas would lead the way in city transparency and accountability, while residents themselves would help determine the equipment needed for safety in our communities. Furthermore, including military equipment oversight would greatly strengthen community trust and ensure our force does not become over-militarized in Dallas. For these reasons, we believe passing this ordinance is an urgent requirement for our city. Thank you.