Pass AB 1575: Fill The Gap in Cosmetics Disclosure Laws

California Assembly Health Committee


AB 1575 calls for transparency of the chemical ingredients in professional cosmetic products through labeling as well as better compliance with labeling laws with increased penalties for violations and cost recoupment for the enforcing agency. AB 1575 will help ensure that women in the hair and nail salon profession can better protect their health while at work.

Why We need AB 1575

The predominately female nail and hair salon workforce regularly and often handles solvents, glues, polishes, straighteners, and other beauty care products containing a multitude of chemicals known or suspected to cause cancer, and respiratory, neurological, reproductive, and other harm.

Although manufacturers are legally required to list ingredients on the labels of cosmetics sold at the retail level, they have no similar legal obligation when it comes to professional cosmetics. This lack of transparency hampers beauty professionals’ ability to make informed choices about the products they use and measures they can take to protect their health. It also obstructs their ability to inform customers about ingredients used in these products.

Failure to comply with product labeling laws and inadequate enforcement of those laws add to hair and nail salon professionals’ dangerous predicament. Manufacturers have labeled nail polishes and hair straighteners as free of the highly toxic chemicals, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or formaldehyde even though one or more of those ingredients were in the product. No enforcement action was brought against the nail polish manufacturer who misrepresented the polishes’ ingredients.1

What AB 1575 calls for
Hair stylists, nail manicurists, and other salon and barber professionals have a right-to- know what they are being exposed to in the workplace, and they should be able to trust that labeling laws will be followed and enforced. That’s where AB 1575 comes in which calls for the following.

Manufacturers must:
  • List ingredients and indicate websites on the labels of all professional cosmetic products. Excludes “fragrance;”
  • Provide an advisory on the professional cosmetic label if any ingredient is on the CalEPA Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) Candidate Chemical List for the Safer Consumer Products Program.
Improved enforcement of labeling laws:
  • Increased penalties for violating these labeling requirements;
  • Recoupment of costs by enforcing agency for pursuing actions against labeling law violators.

Join our movement!

AB 1575 Author: Assemblymember Ash Kalra


Black Women for Wellness

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California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative

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Californians for a Healthy & Green Economy (CHANGE)

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Women’s Voices for the Earth

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  • Asian Americans Advancing Justice -California
  • Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Los Angeles
  • ACT for Women and Girls
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  • Alameda Health Consortium
  • American Sustainable Business Council
  • Asian Health Services
  • Breast Cancer Action
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We support the passage of AB 1575 because we agree that professional nail and hair care products and cosmetics should have ingredient labels so that workers and consumers make make informed product choices.