PBS: Televise the Trump impeachment hearings



When impeachment proceedings against President Nixon began, the public wasn't convinced. But by the time he left office, Americans of all parties were overwhelmingly in support of his removal.

What changed? A major factor was PBS's decision to broadcast the Watergate hearings in full -- 247 hours in total. Millions of public TV viewers tuned in as the story of the Watergate break-in, the cover-up, payoffs, and dirty tricks unfolded before their eyes. They heard testimony from presidential advisors, the attorney general, former spies, and bagmen.

Public accountability can make all the difference. That's why, as Congress begins public hearings into Trump's impeachment, PBS must broadcast them in full once again.

The American people deserve to hear and see the full case against Donald Trump firsthand -- because they have a right to participate in the impeachment process and make an informed decision for themselves.

And PBS's job is more important than ever today. We're in a political climate marked by misinformation and distractions that would be unheard of in the 1970s. The ONLY way to cut through all that is with the absolute, unvarnished truth. We need to show the American people exactly what happened, instead of filtering it through cable news spin or the President's tweets.

While PBS executives have agreed to broadcast the hearings live and share them online, they must also show them on their flagship channels in prime time, just as they did in the 1970s -- so EVERY American has the opportunity to follow along as the impeachment proceedings unfold.

If you agree, add your name -- and call on PBS to live up to its solemn duty to the public.

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​PBS must televise the full Trump impeachment hearings -- both live as they happen AND repeated in prime time -- on its flagship all-access public channels nationwide for every American to see.​