Peoria CEASEFIRE Resolution - NOW!

Peoria City Council

Peoria For Palestine, in partnership with the Muslim Civic Coalition, is urgently calling for an immediate CEASEFIRE.

As the tragic situation in Gaza escalates, communities across the United States are rising to demand action from their local representatives. It's crucial that our voices reach local elected officials, urging them to advocate for a ceasefire.

Our message is clear: We believe our tax dollars should prioritize vital local needs such as road repairs, educational funding, and accessible healthcare, rather than funding a genocide.

To amplify this call, we urge you to sign this form, requesting the Peoria City Council to pass a ceasefire resolution.

Additionally, if your organization aligns with this cause and wishes to join the list of supporters, please inform us. We welcome your partnership in this crucial endeavor.
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To: Peoria City Council
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We are collectively urging you to support the passage of a Ceasefire Resolution in Peoria, Illinois. The ongoing violence against Gaza by the state of Israel has reached catastrophic levels, with over 27,000 people reported killed, over 65,000 people injured, and many thousands more suffering from weaponized starvation, dehydration, and disastrous outbreaks of diseases with no functioning medical infrastructure for treatment or prevention. The statistics go on, the list of horrors grows endless. It is truly an unimaginable, and a purposefully inflicted, suffering.

Peoria taxpayers provide over $1,7240,000 of military resources to Israel every year, allowing them to manufacture this atrocity.

We believe that investing in cycles of violence will never produce peace or safety for anyone. When grief becomes revenge, violence appears easy to justify.

We recognize that we, Peorian taxpayers, are implicated directly in the violence wrought on Palestinians. We paid for the bullets. We paid for the bombs. We are, if not the immediate culprits, then the direct enablers of an innumerable list of war crimes.

We recognize the horror of the killing that took place in Israel on October 7th; according to the Israeli government’s most recent numbers, over 650 civilians were killed and more than 200 were captured. This is a tragedy.

We also recognize that all human life is of equal and irreducible value. It is the irreducible and equal value of all life, whether Israeli or Palestinian, that compels us to say “No” to the ongoing military brutalization of Palestinians.

This is a local issue; it is a local issue because members of our community have had their family in Gaza harmed and decimated. It is a local issue because it is our labor which provides the funds for the weapons that tear childrens’ limbs from their bodies and annihilate entire multigenerational families in their homes. It is a local issue because it is all of our humanity at stake.

We are outraged and pained at the ongoing violence conducted with our money and legitimized by our government at every level, whether explicitly or by its silence. We demand that you protect the humanity within us, and within yourself, by having the courage to name this as wrong. This is a local issue, and we the signatories will organize our communities accordingly in 2025.