Review Permits and Hold Public Hearings for Hu Honua

Hawaii Department of Health

Hu Honua is nearing completion of a power plant on Big Island that would create more CO2 emissions than burning coal; wastewater with over a dozen hazardous chemicals injected less than 100 feet from the cliff shoreline; thousands of acres of erosion-prone land; and wide deforestation just when we need our forests the most to sequester carbon.

The tainted wastewater would percolate into the aquifer as well as through the porous cliffs, and into coastal waters. Hu Honua also intends to allow stormwater to flow off its toxin-laden industrial site, through cliff-side outfalls and then down into coastal waters. The hazardous chemicals they intend to add to the water before injecting it carry manufacturer’s warnings against mixing in waterways or aquatic ecosystems.

Hu Honua plans to clear-cut five acres of eucalyptus trees every day, and truck them 50 miles (using 30 trucks) to be burned for electricity. The trees they’re replanting will take 20-100 years to grow as large as those they’re cutting, losing the carbon sequestration and erosion prevention of that many acres in the meantime. We can’t let this go forward.

The Dept. of Health is now conducting a 30-day comment period on the issuance of a National Pollutants Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for its storm-water outfalls.  Please request a public hearing! Tell the DOH you oppose issuance of the NPDES Permit No. HI S000557.

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Brodie Lockard
Kailua, Hawaii
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To: Hawaii Department of Health
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I oppose issuance of the NPDES Permit No. HI S000557 for stormwater runoff. I urge you to hold a public hearing on this destruction of our valuable natural resources.

I also oppose issuance of​ an NPDES permit​ for Hu Honua's injection wells, and urge you to hold another public hearing on that subject.