Petition For a Meaningful Multi-Family Zoning District

To City of Gloucester City Council, Planning Board and Mayor

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The MBTA Communities Law, Section 3A zoning requirements are surely complex. But Gloucester is creative and always has been. Let’s tackle this challenging issue, create zoning that meets the mandate, and more importantly creates the kind of housing we need so that folks living here can remain or return here and live in the community we all love!
The Planning Board has now begun the important work to draft our zoning plan to ensure the City’s
compliance. Then the City Council will vote before the end of the year to approve a final plan to update our zoning so we can meet our current housing challenges.
Join us in urging this thoughtful, creative approach to addressing this need!

Please sign Housing4All Gloucester’s petition in support of Section 3A compliance and to encourage our Planning Board and City Council to develop meaningful multi-family zoning that can help people afford to stay in Gloucester, strengthen our downtown area, and increase our diversity, vibrancy and city character.

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We, as the undersigned Gloucester residents or those who work in Gloucester, believe that the planning in progress for multi-family housing near our transit station, as required compliance under the MBTA Communities Law (Section 3A of M.G.L. Chapter 40A) has the potential to be good housing, economic, transportation, and climate policy for the City of Gloucester. 
We understand Section 3A is about creating a zoning district and not a mandate to build housing. However, our planning should achieve the combined goals for an abundance of housing and for more types of homes that provide options for younger families and individuals to live here, for seniors to downsize, and for local
employees to live where they work if we want a more sustainable future. These are the populations that have defined much of Gloucester for decades. 
We understand and empathize with those in our community who:
• are personally struggling with high cost of rents in Gloucester;
• want to own a home in Gloucester, but are increasingly finding homeownership unattainable due to our current high-cost market and available inventory;
• are over-housed and cost burdened due to limited housing options that better meet their need; 
• have had family, friends, or neighbors struggle with living costs, or have been forced to relocate away. 
As you review the various planning scenarios and weigh the pros and cons of denser zoning for small-scale multifamily housing around our downtown neighborhoods to comply with Section 3A, we ask that you consider the great demand for “missing middle” housing that fits between single family homes with yards and bigger Halyard-like complexes. Overcoming restrictions to develop multi-family housing potentially provides Gloucester meaningful, smart development planning to reduce pricing pressures and provide needed options for our residents at all stages of life. Gloucester’s character is built and defined by its populace -- including our
working and middle class -- not its buildings.