Petition for a People’s Stimulus

United States Congress

On Saturday, July 25 we will hold honking car parades and march to the homes of our members of Congress to deliver our emergency pandemic demands. We will rally outside their homes and share stories of how the pandemic and systemic racism have affected our lives. We will call them outside to commit to the #PeoplesStimulus.

Show that you support our demands for a #PeoplesStimulus, by signing on to our petition. Our weeks of action will culminate with the delivery of all petitions to Congress in Washington D.C. on July 27!

We demand:

1. Defund police and divert funds back to schools and social services
2. Medicare for all
3. Monthly $2,000 cash payments for all
4. Cover payroll to protect small business jobs
5. Suspend rent and mortgage payments
6. Suspend student and credit card loan payments

Our government’s heartless and immoral response to the coronavirus pandemic has devastated the country. The U.S. has more cases and deaths than any other nation on Earth.

The Democrats and Republicans used the pandemic and economic depression to hand Wall Street trillions of dollars in corporate bailouts. Meanwhile working people have been left struggling to afford basic needs like food and housing. Now that Big Business has raided the Treasury and the Fed, Washington is saying that this next stimulus bill in late July will be the last.

We demand that this be the #PeoplesStimulus!

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To: United States Congress
From: [Your Name]

Four months into a global pandemic, and I am wholly disappointed in the lack of adequate support that my government has provided to its People. So many people have suffered, died, and lost everything because you let us down.

We the People are fed up in your inability to rise to meet the crisis, and we demand that you prioritize in the next stimulus package measurements that will bring the people the economic and social justice that we desperately need.

As taxpayers, as your constituents, we demand that you step up to fight for your people during this pandemic.

Our Demands are the following:

1. Defund police and divert funds back to schools and social services
2. Free healthcare during a global pandemic by expanding Medicare to every man, woman and child l
3. Monthly $2,000 cash payments for all
4. Protect small business jobs by having the government cover payroll costs for struggling businesses
5. Suspend rent and mortgage payments
6. Suspend all debt payments for student loans and credit card loans

This crisis could have been mitigated had you met it with the seriousness that other countries have shown and enacted appropriate protective measures. You have the choice now to get it right and be able to reduce the chaos and pain that will come by August, and we will expect better from you all for this next stimulus package.

Fight for us. Do your JOB. We need you to meet the moment.