Petition for the December 14 SAS Faculty Meeting

Executive Dean Peter March

Petitioning: Executive Dean Peter March

SAS faculty, please sign this petition to set the following items on the agenda of the December 14 SAS faculty meeting, as per our bylaws. Please include your title in the comments field.

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New Brunswick, NJ

To: Executive Dean Peter March
From: [Your Name]

Under Article 4, Section 3 of the SAS bylaws​, the undersigned request that Executive Dean Peter March set the following items on the agenda for the scheduled December 14, 2020, SAS meeting:

1. Testimony on the effects of layoffs (Undergraduate, staff, and faculty guests invited and introduced by Carlos Decena and/or his designee)
2. Report on implementation of the SAS Faculty Resolution of Layoffs and Cuts, October 15, 2020 (Executive Dean Peter March)
3. Question and answer
4. Introduction of a resolution regarding Executive Dean March’s actions in this matter (Andrew Goldstone, Ana Pairet, and/or their designee)

The undersigned also request that the following procedures apply to the aforementioned agenda items:

-- Any resolutions moved and seconded will be voted on through the SAS secure electronic elections system, with voting to begin not later than 24 hours after the end of the meeting and to remain open for at least seven days.

-- Discussion shall recognize speakers strictly in the order they present themselves using the Zoom chat function. Speakers will be both visible and audible to all in attendance at the meeting.