Petition: Support the Jake Schwab Worker Safety Bill

Pennsylvania State Legislators


Worker safety, jobs, and communities are at-risk

In 2014 ago Erie, PA mechanic Jake Schwab was tragically killed in a garage accident. A worker safety bill, the Jake Schwab Worker Safety Bill, was introduced in the state, but state legislators have not passed it.

Across Pennsylvania, all transit workers work hard every day to keep our state moving and have a right to be safe on the job, but our elected officials are doing nothing. Their inaction speaks volumes about the disregard and lack of concern they have for workers.

Every single day more and more Pennsylvanians are relying on bus drivers or train operators for a safe reliable way to work, school, the doctor and other daily tasks.  Don’t transit workers and all workers deserve to be safe on the job? If we aren’t willing to fight for our safety, who will?

Sign the petition calling on State Legislator to pass the Jake Schwab Worker Safety Bill

To: Pennsylvania State Legislators
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I urge you to vote for the Jake Schwab Worker Safety Bill, which would give Pennsylvania public employees the same safe workplace as provided to private employees.

In 2014, Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority (EMTA) bus mechanic Jake Schwab died when a bus safety air bag he was working on exploded in his face. Jake was working with the wrong tools on an unfamiliar bus from another agency in a garage. In fact, there was not even an investigation of his death because he was a public employee. There had been no safety training in Jake’s garage for over 9 years.

Jake was like the thousands of sanitation workers, bus mechanics, prison workers and other dedicated Pennsylvania public employees who work hard each day to make Pennsylvania the great state it is. These workers deserve to be safe on the job and make it home to their family each night. Our state should fulfill the promise OSHA made more than 40 years ago to provide all workers safe and healthful workplaces. Don’t let Jake Schwab’s death go unanswered.