Pharmaceutical Accountability Now

The Rhode Island General Assembly

Today, pharmaceutical companies set prices for their drugs behind closed doors. They are able to set prices according to the profits they hope to make, without considering how their decisions will impact consumers.

Bill H7042 would change that by creating cost transparency and new protections for Rhode Islanders.

The bill would require that drug companies report on the costs associated with making and distributing individual medications. It would establish a board of pharmacy to work with the Department of Health to review the prices of critical drugs and set price caps to protect consumers from unwarranted increases.

We deserve transparency and accountability from drug companies. Add your name and help us pass this common sense legislation.

To: The Rhode Island General Assembly
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We call on the General Assembly to quickly pass H7042. Rhode Islanders are struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing cost of medications, and we need accountability from drug companies. We have watched the salaries of pharmaceutical CEOs rise alongside the prices of medications that so many Rhode Islanders rely on. We deserve to know why drug prices are increasing at such high rates and we deserve the ability to prevent unwarranted increases. We ask the General Assembly to establish a board of pharmacy to review drug companies' pricing decisions and to intervene to protect Rhode Islanders from increases in drug prices that are not justified by their costs.