Medicaid For All

Governor John Carney, Ins. Commissioner Trinidad Navarro, Delaware State Legislators


The time is coming where we have to make a choice: Is healthcare a human right, or is it a privilege. If we decide it is a human right, then we must make it so everyone is covered at an affordable rate, for both the consumer and the insurers. Will that include multiple changes in our current system? Absolutely. However, one of those changes has to be the creation of at least the option of buying into a public plan. Many on the far-right state that a universal system eliminates choice, but what happened to the consumer being able to choose to buy into a state-run program? If we have to keep the freedom of choice, then the choices need to include a public option, and if the federal government is not willing to step up to that plate, then they should allow the states to do so. A Medicaid Buy-In program is the obvious solution to our rising Medicaid costs in Delaware, closing the large insurance gap for consumers, and breaking up the monopoly on health care in our state. Sign our petition to call on our legislators, insurance commissioner, and governor to support creating a Medicaid Buy-In Program for Delaware.

Petition by
Dustyn Thompson
Wilmington, Delaware

To: Governor John Carney, Ins. Commissioner Trinidad Navarro, Delaware State Legislators
From: [Your Name]

A Medicaid Buy-In Program for Delaware could help resolve some of the largest issues we are facing surrounding our health care costs. This could help maintain the solvency of our current Medicaid system, break up the monopoly in our Delaware Health Care Exchange, and expand insurance coverage to all Delawareans. This is a program that could save lives, and create a better economic environment in our state. We cannot afford to continue to ignore this issue.

We are asking that you:
Urge the Delaware State Legislature to pass legislation to put a Medicaid Buy-In Program in place for our state.

Work with the newly established task force to investigate what an MBI program would look like in Delaware and the best way to implement such a program.

Sign said legislation into law and make sure that all Delawareans have access to coverage that they can both afford, and find to be reasonable in terms of coverage and patient outcomes.

We thank you for taking the initiative to be the first state on the Eastcoast to consider this program, and look forward to working with you on pushing our state's health care industry forward, into the 21st century.

Thank you,
Citizens For a Better Health Care System