Pledge to Hold The Line

Mayor Cava and the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners

A cartoon image of a happy family and the Coalition's Five Pillars-  1. Protect the Everglades and Biscayne Bay 2. Save Local Agriculture 3. Prevent Flooding 4. Improve Mobility and Infrastructure 5. Keep Living Affordable

I Pledge to “Hold the Line”

Sign the Pledge to uphold smart growth principles and to tell our commissioners to not move the Urban Development Boundary and invest our tax dollars to improve services and infrastructure in our existing communities.

The Urban Development Boundary (UDB) is the most effective zoning tool in Miami-Dade County’s Comprehensive Development Master Plan (CDMP) that preserves existing greenspace and areas that supply drinking water in the western and southern portions outside of the developed county.

Moving the UDB encourages development in sensitive low-lying areas we need to protect our communities from flooding and sea level rise. Most importantly, the UDB protects our water supply, our local food supply, the Everglades, Biscayne Bay and our livelihoods. The boundary serves as a greenbelt separating Miami-Dade from the Everglades and Biscayne Bay through farms, low density housing and wetlands. It also allows us to concentrate our tax dollars on repairing and improving infrastructure within the already developed portions of our community.

Take the pledge today to uphold our principles and join The Hold the Line Coalition, a collective group of municipalities, businesses, individuals and environmental and community groups working together to ensure South Florida remains livable. Your support  protects the unique character of the few remaining green spaces and agricultural resources to the west and southeast of the UDB. Endorsing smart growth principles and supporting infill redevelopment projects within the already developed parts of Miami-Dade County directs resources to existing residents and prepares our neighborhoods for future challenges.

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To: Mayor Cava and the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners
From: [Your Name]

I stand with the Hold The Line Coalition and want you to preserve the current Urban Development Boundary to:

1. Hold the Line and re-invest our tax dollars in strategic infrastructure improvements for residential neighborhoods and existing commercial areas.

2. Focus on providing affordable housing with access to frequent, reliable public transit, not endless sprawl that traps commuters in traffic.

3. Affirm that our agricultural community and wetlands provide unique value and irreplaceable services to our community by supplying local food, purifying water, replenishing our aquifer, and providing a natural line of defense from storm surge and flooding.

Thank you for voting to Hold The Line to protect our neighborhoods and build a more resilient Miami-Dade!