Pledge to Vote! #MYAAPIVOTE

November 8 is closer than you think!

In today’s political climate, the stakes have never been higher and our votes continue to matter. As Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, our voting power is both massive and crucial.

Voting allows our voices to be heard, to represent and create change in our community, to continue to influence important public policy decisions, and to honor those who fought for our right to vote.

Together, we need to build our power by elevating our stories and advocating for ourselves on issues that impact us. Let’s elevate our voices and votes.

In the 2008 presidential election, millions of us voted for Obama. In 2012, 73 percent of us voted to reelect him. In that same election, out of 9 million eligible Asian American voters, more than 5 million did not.

Although Asian Americans are growing faster than any other racial group, we continue to experience multiple barriers to voting such as getting access to information and engagement, language barriers, and protection of voting rights. For instance, just two months ago a South Asian couple, Rudravajhala Ravindran and his wife went to vote in the North Carolina primaries, but experienced racial prejudice as they were subjected to a spelling test in order to place their votes.

When our voting rights are under attack, and in this political climate of Islamophobia,  it's more important than ever that we harness our political power at the ballots.

Will you join 18MR and pledge to vote on November 8?

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I pledge to vote on November 8!