Pledge to Vote This November and End #RicksRecession

Rick Scott

Over the past eight years of Governor Scott’s leadership, little has changed for millions of our neighbors since Florida was slammed by the Great Recession.

Our state continues to lag economically. 36 of 67 Florida counties still have fewer jobs today than before the recession. Nearly half of Florida households (45 percent) qualify as working poor, and that number is growing. For those struggling Floridians who haven’t given up looking for work altogether, a combination of poverty-level wages, rising cost of living, and lack of higher-paying jobs has blocked many from regaining their pre-recession stability.

Meanwhile, Rick Scott spent his time and state resources as governor slashing public education, refusing to expand Medicaid for as many as 1 million Floridians, raiding hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars meant to provide affordable housing, and setting up corporate slush funds that divert millions in taxpayer dollars to the same wealthy corporations who help fund Scott’s campaigns. All while doing nothing to address the broadening economic problems Florida families are facing.

Scott spent his 8 years as Governor looking out for wealthy donors and big corporations while leaving Florida’s working families behind. That’s why the rich have gotten richer while regular Floridians have been left struggling to make ends meet.

It’s time to vote out Rick Scott and the Republican state legislators who have rubber-stamped his harmful agenda for working and middle-class families.

Florida can’t afford another 6 years of Rick Scott.

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Pledge to End #RicksRecession on November 6:

After eight years of Governor Rick Scott’s agenda, nearly half the households in Florida qualify as ‘working poor’ and a majority of Florida counties have fewer jobs today than before the recession. Poverty and the number of households struggling to make ends meet have skyrocketed under Scott. Meanwhile, Scott doled out millions of taxpayer dollars to wealthy donors and corporations. Scott’s tenure as Governor has been a disaster for Florida’s working and middle-class. Florida can’t afford another 6 years of Rick Scott in the Senate.

On November 6, 2018, I pledge to help Florida’s working and middle-class families and end Rick’s Recession by voting out Rick Scott and the state legislators who have rubber-stamped his agenda.