President Biden: Make sure the For the People Act passes

President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden said in Tulsa recently: "We’re not giving up" on the For the People Act. "I'm going to fight like heck with every tool at my disposal for its passage." [1]

The time for President Biden -- and other key leaders like Vice President Kamala Harris and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer -- to put those words into action is now.

The For the People Act contains reforms that have been passed in red states, blue states, and purple states, and the bill has strong bipartisan support. It’s a set of common-sense election rules that have been tested across the country -- and have worked, which is why they are broadly popular with voters.

And a primary reason the For the People Act is necessary is the GOP-led assault on voting rights in states like Georgia, Florida, and Texas.

But unfortunately, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has objected to this bill on process grounds -- not because of any of the reforms it contains, but because no congressional Republicans support it. That’s unacceptable.

Joe Biden promised the American people he wouldn’t let GOP attacks on our democracy stand. And this moment requires immediate action by all of us to ensure that American democracy persists for the next generation.

When we fight, we win. Right now, add your name and urge President Biden to do whatever it takes to pass the For the People Act

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The Senate will soon vote on the For the People Act (H.R. 1/S. 1), a transformational voting rights bill and Common Cause’s top federal priority. And it has become clear that without bold action to pass this bill through Mitch McConnell’s filibuster, our democracy could face grave peril.

It is time for President Biden to follow through on his promise to make voting rights a priority -- and do what it takes to pass this bill for free and fair elections through Congress.