President Biden: Normalize Relations with Cuba!

President Biden

For more than 60 years, the United States has imposed a punishing embargo on the people of Cuba — and 2023 will make it 61.

The thing is, broad economic embargoes and sanctions in reality HURT the people they claim to help most. For over half a century the United States have isolated the island, but the ones who truly bore the brunt of the cost were the Cuban people — NOT the Castro regime.

According to a UN report, the financial and trade embargo has cost Cuba more than $130 billion in economic losses. And the UN has called for an end to the embargo since the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1992.

It’s time to end the economic embargo and normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba. If you agree, can you add your name to our petition to President Biden?

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I urge you to end the six decade-long punishing economic embargo, and to immediately take concrete steps to normalize relations with Cuba.